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Acer Aspire v3-571g, Won't turn on with battery only. Turns off when the mains is disconnected.

Hi, having a problem running my Laptop on battery power.


When the machine is connected to the mains, the battery is charging and says 100% charged. When I disconnect the mains, the laptop immediately turns off and doesn’t swap to battery mode.


When trying to turn the laptop on with just battery power, the laptop does not turn on. However, I can hear a high pitch noise every time the power button is pressed in this situation.


I have attempted this with three different batteries.


At the moment I have my machine dissembled trying to work out if there a short from one of the circuits that connect to the battery.


If anyone has had this problem or knows anyone or anywhere to fix it, please advise me.


Also if anyone knows where or if there are any circuit layout diagrams of the motherboard that will also be a great help as I can see if any of the components are shorted or burnt out.





  • laurent_14laurent_14 Posts: 6,250ACE Pathfinder



    A stupid question:

    Have you performed a power reset?

  • McMillan1810McMillan1810 Posts: 5Member

    Hi, yea i have tried this a few times. But will give it another go in a few minutes.

  • McMillan1810McMillan1810 Posts: 5Member

    Just to state, machine does work with the mains. But not on battery.

  • laurent_14laurent_14 Posts: 6,250ACE Pathfinder

    When you plug in the AC adapter, do you see the battery led indicating full charged (blue)?

  • McMillan1810McMillan1810 Posts: 5Member

    To be honest I cant remember if the light went blue last time, I went off what it said in Windows on all three batteries.


    I'm currently charging one of the batteries now and its amber.


    If this helps the voltages on the pins for the battteries are 12v 12v 0.023v 2.056v 3.35v 3.35v 0v 0v

  • McMillan1810McMillan1810 Posts: 5Member

    Just charging one of the batteries now and it got to blue. Tried to turn on laptop without the mains and nothing.


    Turned the laptop on with mains on, laptop started. Turned the mains off and laptop instantly switched off.


    Pressed the power button a few times and only getting a buzzing noise and the voltages i posted on the previous post.

    Also when i plugged main back in the battery is decharging as it was amber.


    Also i know that the batteries are currently not fully charged.

    Will continue tomorrow and Monday. But it looking like i might need to replace the motherboard if I want to use the laptop as a portable device again.

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