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Hello all, I am planning to purchase the Acer Predator 15 and I have a question about the keyboard backlighting. On the website it states that the keyboard has "RGB keyboard has customisable multi-coloured backlight zones, with 16 million colours to choose from..." however, when I saw a review the reviewer mentioned that it only had one colour to choose from. So, does the Acer Predator 15 have the 16 million colour or only the red? Thanks!


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    Me especially I have a Predator 17 and the keyboard backlight is not RGB. Simply just red and blue at the numpad,  as you have seen in the review.

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    After cheching the Predator website it does indeed state 'RGB' and '16 million colours to choose from' which is plain wrong. My G9-791 is only red/blue. Unless they are bringing out a new model which does have RGB lighting.

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    Hi guys,


    Can you provide me with the link that you're referring to? I'm aware of the Predator Desktops coming with a new KB that can do multiple colors, but I'm not aware of this being available on notebooks.



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    Go here:

    Scroll down to the part where it says on the left side "Make It Yours - PredatorSense software puts advanced gaming tweaks at your disposal for a unique gaming experience."

    The picture shows a G9-791 with different colours illuminating the keyboard, from red/purple to a light blue.

    Then click where it says "Predator ProZone +". It will open up as this:



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    i can't find it on Acer US website but it's on UK

    scroll down

    click on Predator ProZone


    EDIT: simonpatterson was faster Smiley Very Happy

    I'm not an Acer employee.
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    The marketing pages that you've linked are highlighting features of the 2nd generation of Predator 15/17 products. Unfortunately, the first generation does not have the RGB capabilities described and I understand that there can easily be some confusion as it does not easily distinquish between the different products.

    I've highlighted this issue to appropriate people.



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    A picture of the Predator 17 on Intel's Thunderbolt 3 product page also shows the laptop with RGB keyboard backlighting:


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    The marketing pages that you've linked are highlighting features of the 2nd generation of Predator 15/17 products. 

    So can I buy a second gen model now ?


    There is no mention on the product page that it is showing a second gen model, so if I buy one tomorrow I would expect to receive the model you are advertising.


    If I recieve a 1st gen model then I would consider that false advertising.

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    You will need to purchase the Predator G9-592/G9-792 models to receive the RGB illuminated keyboard. The Predator G9-591/G9-791 models have the red illuminated keyboard and blue number pad.

    On the new models, the keyboard backlight is still divided into four zones, but now you can also adjust the colors:


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    here doesnt shows is it G9-591/G9-791 or G9-592/G9-792 as i had enclosed the attachment below, how do i buy the 2nd gen Predator? Thanks



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    This annoys me because I purchased an acer predator 15 and on the website it shows an image with red blue and purple keyboard backlighting. This is false advertising on acers part and still to this day it continues to be up their misleading people. My question to acer is what are you going to do about it? I wouldn’t mind a new laptop with keyboard backlighting as I thought that was what I was getting.

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    Since no response from acer but from their previous replied it is quite clear so i manage to bought the G9-592. i was worried to get the G9-591 again as well so i ask the dealer properly they also didnt know that there is a 2nd gen so i just gave then the code and get one for me. So here is it i got it the 2nd gen. I bought an G5-591 on march as well before the 2nd gen was realised but there are few added on and quite pricy after all for the 2nd gen
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    Hi, all 2nd gen 15&17 Predators come with 970m w/ 6gb and 980m w/ 8gb VRAM, any confusing here

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    Any development on the subject? I have a predator 17 with GTX 1060 and I don't have access to changing the backlight color.

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    Hi all.

    I have an Acer Predator 15 with 980M 8GB and was wondering that aside from bieng able to set 4 different colors on your keyboard, can we add effects like lights running from left to right or something like that?

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    I have a G9-793 and it has 4 zones of completely customizable colors which are programmed through predator sense.  There are as far as I know not any effects but it's easy to change the colors.  Don't know about older models.


    Screenshot (12).png

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    I have the exact same thing and i have tried so many methods that work on many different laptops but none worked on the predator. I want light effects not just customizable 4 zone colors.

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    Yes, you can change colours on 4 different zones. You can't change the colour of the backlighting on individual keys.



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