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Hello, i have upgraded my os to windows 10, but i am not satisfied with that. it has been already more than a month, so i cant have option of recovery. Only option i can is dowload windows 7 using the same old product key. i tried it, but it says "The product key you entered appears to be for software pre-installed by the device manufacturer. Please contact the device manufacturer for software recovery options.".  Can somebody help me with that please?

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  • billsey
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    It would help to know which model you have and which country you bought it from. In general to restore to the original system you have to use the recovery disks you created when you first got the computer. If you didn't create them or have lost them you can buy them from Acer. In the USA you get them from the Acer store, elsewhere in the world you contact support to purchase them.

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    Can I just follow up this question.


    I have an acer that is about to die - very slow, very clunky etc.  Not a critisicm of Acer - it's just an old laptop.


    I've found Windows 8 and 10 to be painful to use and now have a Mac.


    Can I decommission my Acer and transfer the Windows license to my Mac (to run via bootcamp/parallels)?


    Second question, can I use the Acer to create a recovery disk that will then work in the Mac.  I'm not sure how much of a stupid question this is...I suppose my assumption is that the recovery disk is just a copy of Windows.


    I'm sure it isn't that easy.  I tried to download direct via this link - - but I get an error saying the software didn't come with the laptop as standard so I should contact Acer.


    Failing all of this - what is the easiest way I can get Windows 7 onto my Mac using my existing key?


    Any info/advice would be much appreciated.





  • billsey
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    The OEM license that comes with machines like these is not transferable. Microsoft only lets you transfer a license that was retail boxed product.

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  • sakisaki
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    Microsoft says its contact to manufacture i also have ome key i using same system but upgrade hard disk 320gb to 1tb computer property show ''genuine software'' but i cant get update files. never run ie its get error message please help me to get windows7 ome iso image disk i have a key. (please take note i using same computer with for matched key.
    please help me someone.

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