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E5-772 Acer Recovery Management not opening in Windows 8.1

Rick4003Rick4003 Member Posts: 18 Troubleshooter



I've been trying to get rid of a rather nasty hijacker for several weeks and after numerous attempts trying to remove it i.e. Malware removal programs, tech support. I have decided to reset my computer to factory defaults. Last weekend when I tried to use Recovery Management, as far as I got was the User Account Control warning and then nothing. I then tried rebooting and using the Alt-F10 option, I got a black screen and it stayed that way until I released the keys. So, in lieu of packing this thing up, sending it to Texas for warranty repair and then be without it for about 3-4 weeks, is there something I can do fix this? I've already checked Disk Management and the recovery partition is still there by the way.



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  • JordanBJordanB ACE Posts: 3,592 Pathfinder
    Accepted Answer

    1. Backup your important personal files

    2. Create a USB factory default recovery drive






    3. Press and hold the Shift key and then restart your computer


    4.  Navigate in the special menu until you find Command Prompt


    5. Wipe your hard drive with diskpart clean (link below works on both hard drives and solid state drives). Be sure to select the correct drive.




    6.  After you wipe your drive, navigate in the menu to Shutdown and shutdown your computer.


    7. Insert your USB factory default recovery drive that you created in step 2.


    8.  Turn on your computer and reset your PC.  When it asks you if you want to repartition the drive, say "yes".

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  • Rick4003Rick4003 Member Posts: 18 Troubleshooter

    Uh, Jordan
    Perhaps you missed the very important point that I cannot open Recovery Management in the first place. So, how am I supposed to create a USB factory default recovery drive??

  • JordanBJordanB ACE Posts: 3,592 Pathfinder

    Ok sorry.  There's two ways to get to Recovery Management.


    Search your computer.  Type "Recovery" in the search bar.


    There's Acer Recovery Management and there's Windows recovery.


    Choose "create a recovery drive".  Or I'm sure you can find it in Windows 8.1 if you keep trying.



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  • JordanBJordanB ACE Posts: 3,592 Pathfinder

    Or just keep searching and you'll find it.  (right click on the windows start button)


    And if you can't, you can try SHIFT restart....and reset your PC





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  • JordanBJordanB ACE Posts: 3,592 Pathfinder



    And lastly, if all else fails.....here's windows 8.1




    And here's your drivers.




    If you really want the original factory software......here's erecovery link



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  • Rick4003Rick4003 Member Posts: 18 Troubleshooter

    Hi Jordan,


    Sorry for the delay in replying. I found the program to create a recovery drive and have successfully done so. I'm in the process of backing up now, so I'll get back to you soon with the results of the factory reset. One thing though, in your first reply you added a link to wipe my HD. The software on that page is for SSD's only and I'm not fortunate enough to have one of those (yet). So is there another drive wiper you can recommend? I'll check back later on for your reply to this reply. Smiley LOL





  • JordanBJordanB ACE Posts: 3,592 Pathfinder

    That's awesome.  I knew you'd find it.  Smiley Happy


    Diskpart clean works for both hard disk drives and solid state drives.


    I can give the instructions for hard drives but it's the exact same instructions as what I already gave you.  I find that Crucial's instructions are easy to follow.  Again, it works for Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSDs).




    Just remember, you must access a command prompt from outside of Windows as per my instructions.  Press and hold the shift key and then restart your computer.  This will allow you to access the special menu.  Once you gain access to the special menu, you click "troubleshoot" and then "advanced" and then "Command Prompt".  After you click Command Prompt, then follow the Diskpart Clean instructions.  


    I know that's a lot of info I gave you to absorb.  Smiley Happy  But it's a good idea to read back through it all before you begin.  Smiley Happy





    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • Rick4003Rick4003 Member Posts: 18 Troubleshooter

    Hi Jordan!


    I just finished successfully resetting my notebook and all is right with the world once again!

    Thanks a lot for your help, I really appreciate it.


    Until the next computer "crisis",



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