X34 Audio Issue but I can't confirm this - Audio driver is direclty from Nvidia & nbsp

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Hi there, 


just bought the X34 - however just testing the build in audio speakers. (Dont need them - but from time to time its nice to have)


If I turn DS (Dolby Sound) on - voices are "o.k" - however if I play music I get disotrions. 

Can someone confirm this ? 


I read this here "While far from room shaking, the Predator's built-in 7-watt speakers are impressively loud and crisp. The monitor preserved the impact of most in-game sounds, from the rattle of an assault rifle in Rainbow Six Siege to the thunderous superhero gut-punches of Arkham Knight. You should probably pick up a good headset or set of speakers if you want to get as immersed as possible, but the Predator's speakers are perfectly suitable."


But I cant confirm this - Audio driver is direclty from Nvidia. 



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  • acantril
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    Did you find a solition for this one ? i have a similar thing with my new X34 screen. If i play music, it sounds v. low quality, like there is popping or interference.

  • S1mplicity
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    I am thinking this may be somekind of harmonic vibration of the case at the back, played all sorts of music and found the back casing has a lot of vibration. Certain types of music do cause some distortion on mine but turning the volume down cleared it.

  • hakki
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    Thats what i mean - just listen to it.

    Example: Game Banished - or if you have this game just start an listen or listen on YT to this soundtrack (with Dolby ON setting]



    Sent it twice to Acer - they changed loudspeakers...board etc. - still the same **bleep**ty thing. I mean com on.

    And here how my monitor looked like after the 2nd service .... no words !!





    I returned my unit - got a new one - still same issue. Also I checked possible driver issues - hooked up my notebook via HDMI and RealTek driver. By switching from HDMI to DP (GamingPC DP with Nvidia Driver vs Notebook HDMI  Realtek). 


    Now i just turned this Dolby OFF - no idea. - as i said - check the Banished Soundtracs on YT - if you play few you can here the distorians very well.












  • Cory-Acer
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    Hi hakki,


    I apologize for the way the monitor was returned to you. I've forwarded this off so the the right people can review.


    As far as the speakers, we've tested a couple X34s here and we're are not hearing any distortions, but we don't have banished in the office to check either. Can you make sure that DTS is set to on?



  • roaringstorm
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    Is there a fix for this yet? Same issue here DTS off - everything is fine, DTS on - distortion at random times (maybe for certain frequencies?). The start of this track (just need to listen to 20 seconds of it) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtNFQ7RJbaQ should be smooth not with ugly distortions. Seems to be not as noticeable at low volume but then you can't even heard anything - pointless. My X34 is working beautifully in all other aspects except for this sound bug - highly annoying.

  • acantril
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    I also have this problem, DTS off fine, DTS on  - massive distortion.

  • ArmitageShanks
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    Same issue here - the audio quality is horrible with DTS enabled. The sound seems to waver and drop in and out or sounds distorted. Turn off DTS, and it sounds fine (although much softer). I suspect this is an issue with the monitor firmware, not vibrations or any other such nonsense.


    This is not what I'd expect from a monitor this expensive. What are Acer doing about it?

  • pmac1315
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    I am having the exact same issue.  Anything with Bass, distorts.  When I play WoW, the sound is horrible.  Its useable, but anything with base causes the voices to cut out.  I haven't tried it with DTS off, but will when I get home I will give it a try.

  • Vandragorax
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    The X34 speaker sound comes from behind the monitor, bouncing off any walls or objects you have behind the monitor which is probably why it sounds distorted to you.


    In general I'd say you shouldn't count on built-in speakers in monitors or laptops to ever be any good, they are usually very poor quality and only useful in a dire situation when you absolutely can't plug in external speakers or headphones.  Even a cheap pair of £15 earbuds from say, Sennheiser, will produce WAY better sound quality.


    Unfortunately I can't make out any distortion from your video clip compared to the Banished soundtrack (HD) I found on youtube.  They sound exactly the same, bar the awful tinny non-bassy sound from the X34 speakers, but what you can expect?  They are only 7-watts.  Mine sound awful which is why I disabled the built-in speaker ASAP and I always use a full optical amp system, or my over-ear headphones which give me perfect sound quality.

  • Angeland
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    I have the same issue with the new model X342. DTS ON : distorsion, DTS OFF : all ok. In my monitor the problem is the right speaker.(you can check it on the operating system's audio panel). I will contact Amazon for change my unit soon

  • DRSEire
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  • DRSEire
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    Get this with DTS also.

  • UnCaged
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    not sure this really helps anyone but  after I mounted my x34 to the wall the speakers sound awesome for monitor speakers.

    I know not everyone can do this but it did help my issue

  • RouDeR
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    Hello , I have also big problem with my Acer x 34p   build in speakers .Anything with a  bass or deep sound make crackling sounds , ITS HORRIBLE .
    I think I don't have DTS ,  my audio is coming directly from Nvidia Panel via driver ( Nvidia High Definition Audio ) ,my PC system is
    EVGA Gtx 1080ti sc2
    i7 7740x @ 4.9ghz
    Motherboard : Gigabyte X299 UD4
    16gb 3000 MHz Ram Corsair  using XMP
    the Motherboard build in audio is 7+1 using Realteck High Definition Audio ,  I don't know how to turn DTS on or off if I have it.
    I tried changing my GPU slot ,  reinstalled my Audio and Graphic drivers ,  disabled my motherboard sound card from the device manager -  no improvement at all for the audio of the x34p.

  • LukasS
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    I am more than disappointed by the speakers of the Acer x34p. The Basses are not coming through, they are crackling instead. First i thought the speakers are damaged so I ordered a second Modell, same problem though!. My 4 years old Monitor has better sound than the x34p ...
    Are you guys at Acer not even testing your products ? There is something going wrong with the speakers, and unless this is getting fixed, I will send my Acer x34p back and choose another brand. Very sad.
  • ClintBeastwood
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    Same monitor, same issue. It's definitely not because the audio is bouncing off the wall or I'm playing too loudly for little speakers as Vandragorax suggests. When DTS is off, the sound gets quieter, less bassy, but the distortions (mostly heard in music) goes away.

  • BaronVonAlbert
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    Here's a quick fix that worked for me, I do not guarantee that'll work for you , but you might give it a shot.

    Go to --> Change system sounds in Cortana --> Playback --> Acerx34 --> Properties --> Enhancements --> Enable "Low Frequency Protection" 

    With this option activated the sound will be much crisper, but you will probably lose a bit of the bass power.

    You can also try Enabling "Loudness Equalization", but the sound will be a bit off.

  • Trippy762
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    Thanks BaronVonAlbert your suggestion has made a big improvement to the sound quality with DTS enabled on my Predator x34
  • bwk2022
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    Is there any way in the monitor menu/UI to disable the DTS? Seems like only Windows has a widget for audio control? Nothing for Mac?