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Disconnecting keyboard

aaster23aaster23 Member Posts: 13

I have got an Acer Aspire since 5-6 years.

This summer I bought CoolerMaster Devastator set (CM Storm mouse and keyboard).
Both the keyboard and the mouse work great on my PC, but on the laptop the keyboard disconnects .
The intensity is oce per week up to 20-30 times per minute.
The keyboaed is connected by USB.
My mouse keeps working when the keyboard is disconnected.

I'm using the charger i got with the laptop (Lite ON - 4,7A).

Reinstalling the operating system does not help.

This error occurs mostly while playing CS:GO.

I changed the thermo paste before 5-6 months.

I will attach a stability test from AIDA64 and Glyph scan. http://dox.bg/files/dw?a=5bc955ef24

FAQ & Answers

  • benton582benton582 Member Posts: 213 Enthusiast

    I think it is a hardware issue, seeing that reinstalling did not help, but I'll bump this for a better person to answer this. 

  • aaster23aaster23 Member Posts: 13

    I updated the BIOS and all the drivers.
    The problem still persists.
    After 2-3 hours in sleep or in hibernation the problem dissapears.
    The laptop is Acer Aspire 5750G
    I5; nVidia 540M; 4 ram.

  • benton582benton582 Member Posts: 213 Enthusiast

    Try looking into your Ease Of Access options in your computer, something might be messed up. Mostly Filtering keys section. Or FN keys that may have caused the problem. Hope this fixes it.

  • aaster23aaster23 Member Posts: 13

    I said at the first post that

    "Reinstalling the operating system does not help."

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