How to DISABLE Caps-lock and Num-lock screen notifications on my R5-417T laptop?



I recently bought a new R5-417T laptop, and in the process of personalisation found no intuitive way to disable the caps-lock or num-lock notifications.


(Windows 10 btw)


Capslock indicator


^Notification in question^


How would I go about disabling this? I've tried looking in the BIOS, in regedit and some mythical "Launch Manager" program bundled with older acer laptops that I can't find a working version for.

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  • philetusphiletus ACE Posts: 4,759 Pathfinder

    Caps lock is thr Caps lock key.

    For Num lock try Fn and F11.

  • BB11BB11 Member Posts: 4

    I want to disable the NOTIFICATION that appears, not the functionality of the lock itself.


    Sorry if my initial post wasn't clear.

  • philetusphiletus ACE Posts: 4,759 Pathfinder

    Done on Win7 64bit but should work on any system with Launch Manager.
    Look for Launch Manager.
    Right click icon then 'Open Containing Folder'.
    (Should be c:\Program Files(x86)\LaunchManager)
    Open subfolder 'OSDRC'.
    Delete the files CapsLock_On.png and CapsLock_Off.png (or move them elsewhere if you think you might want to put them back later.).
    Thus it can no longer find the icons it wants to display.

    I found OSDRC on my V3, which doesn't show the notifications, and the folder was empty.

  • BB11BB11 Member Posts: 4

    I already tried searching for Launch Manager, but the directory doesn't even exist in my C: drive.


    I haven't tried looking for a 'OSDRC' folder though, will try when I get home.

  • philetusphiletus ACE Posts: 4,759 Pathfinder

    My V3-551 (8.1) had Launch Manager, but the on screen notifications didn't work so, I uninstalled it and installed the one in my Recovery. Didn't work. Both times the 'OSDRC' folder was empty. I then installed the Windows 7 version and it works. The 'OSDRC' folder is full of PNG files. Now your computer doesn't have the Launch Manager, but you have notifications. Possibly if you instll this Launch Manager , it will take control and when you delete the Capslock on and off PNGs, it will work.

    I saved the two PNGs to my desktop and deleted them from 'OSDRC', rebooted and had no more screen notifications.

    Here's the win 7 application I installed.

    LaunchManagerDritekLaunchManager Application4.0.76.0 MB2010/04/26Download
  • BB11BB11 Member Posts: 4

    I coudnt find any OSDRC folder, so I tried installing the program as you suggested.


    All it did was add a second capslock notification in addition to the initial one I had. When I deleted the PNG files the first notification remained.


    Could be I'm on Windows 10 in comparison to Windows 8.1. Unfortunately installing the windows 7 version of launch manager did not overwrite anything.


  • arb1arb1 Member Posts: 1

    I have had the same problem with a Predator 15 G9-591 Notebook. The NUMLOCK on-screen notification would flash on and off every 8-10 seconds. We tried the Win7 Launch Manager idea but it didnt work. It turns out that the system was accessing the NUMLOCK.png files from the following location:    C:\Program Files\Acer\Acer Quick Access\images\120


    When you access this folder, either delete or move the numlock_off.png and numlock_on.png and you should be ok. Make sure you reboot your computer after you have made these changes.


    We only had the problem with the numlock. It is fair to assume that the problem could be fixed for the capslock also.

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