Replacement charger for Acer Liquid Leap Active watch

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I've lost the small piece that connects the watch, itself, to the charging cable. I'm willing to buy said piece and the charging cable if that is the only way to acquire only the missing piece. It seems that there is no replacement charger available anywhere on the internet let alone on the Acer website. I was told by best Buy to contact Acer for this problem.


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    I suggest you to contact your Acer store by phone or by chat.

    Here is the small charging dock:

    WA-LLA_charging dock

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    Try to contact Acer Support! 

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    I have the charger for my acer smarrwatch. The magnetised one with 2 pins. Where can i get it? Please help🙏🙏🙏
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    I believe that currently the only way to get one is through Acer Support. They have a part number (HC.70211.0AS I think) for the charge cable but I haven't yet found a vendor that doesn't want an order for 50,000... :)

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