Windows 7 All Drivers Download for Acer Aspire ES1-520-593A


i recently bought an Acer Aspire ES1-520-593A that came with Windows 10,

i searched for the drivers for win 7 but i could only find them for win 8.1 & win 10.

I was wondering if you can put them on your site for win 7 x64 bit ?

Why? Because i realy don't like to work with win 8 or 10 and win 7 runs much better on a stability point of view, i still use win 7 on all my other computers and it is still much better in performance.

So can anybody help to find the drivers (all of them) so i can make a clean win 7 x64 bit install?

Thank you.


  • finlux
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    Hi mikevandoorne


    I'd remove your email address - you may get spammed Smiley LOL


    The reason there are not drivers on the support site is because it is likely that none have been written. Acer themselves do not write the drivers, that is done by the vendor of the component, for example Broadcom for wireless, Nvidia for graphics etc.


    You could search the vedors sites just in case there ARE Windows 7 drivers available, but you will need to ascertain all the parts inside your laptop. IE chipset drivers, Broadcom wireless, card readers, sound card  - quite a laborious job! You can use a tool like Speccy or Belarc Advisor to help.


    You can also try to install Windows 7 & hope that Windows update can find drivers - but it may find some but not all. Just remember to back up & ideally re-image your laptop just incase you need to revert back to Windows 10.


    Finally, if all else fails you can make Windows 10 look similar to Windows 7. Install Classic Shell to return to a Windows 7 style menu. Plus there some other tweaks out there, just Google them!

  • mikevandoorne
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    thx for the info.

    is there any chance that win 7 uses the same drivers as win 8 or 10 ?

  • finlux
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    Yes, they MAY do, but it's going to be a case of trial & error, I'm afraid. Create restore points as you do so, just in case something goes wrong!