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I have bought the new aspire r13 and have installed the BYOC apps installed. In the apps it says you have premium and expires in 2 years. Is there a cost associated with byoc?





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    Hi jshanki,


    All the basic functions of abApps (short for Acer BYOC Apps) are free of charge except premium services of abPhoto and abFiles.

    If you use the Acer BYOC Apps with any Acer device, you can enjoy a two-year free trial from the date you enable the premium service. For more about premium service, please refer to its Online Help.


    With the premium services, you can use abPhoto to share full-resolution photos, and abFiles to view ZIP files, compress files into a ZIP, or download, share, and view files in PDF format.


    To get an easy access to abApps, you can watch Tutorial video of the relevant abApps in "Experience Acer BYOC apps"


    Acer BYOC Apps Support

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    how can i get BYOC PREMIUM

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    anyone had an updated software or firmware for ACER device last updated 2015...