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Delete my Acer ID

tempggytempggy Posts: 1Member
edited December 2017 in Members Lounge

I'd like my Acer ID deleted.


(For some reason, I cannot send a private message to Acer-Brad - I always get an Access Denied message.)


  • Acer-BradAcer-Brad Posts: 344Administrator, Moderator Community Administrator

    Hello tempggy,


    your Acer Community ID has been removed.  Members earn the right to use Private Message after they make 1 post to the forums.  This is why you could not send me a request.  


    Thanks for giving Acer Community a try.

  • reidnotjamesreidnotjames Posts: 1Member New User

    I would like to deleted my Acer ID for some reasons. I, too, cannot send a private message.

  • Phil-3Phil-3 Posts: 1,182Member Skilled Practitioner

    Hi reidnotjames,


    Now that you have posted one message, you should be able to send a private message to our Community Admin Acer-Brad


    Please include the email address your Acer ID is using, and he will arrange for the account to be deleted.  
    We hope to see you back with the Acer family soon.

  • dukesranch72dukesranch72 Posts: 1Member

    I have tried and tried to change the email address in my  profile with no success.  Saw several posts that said if you delete your existing account, you can re-register and make a new profile.  My currently shown profile email is [edited for privacy] and is no longer valid.  I have changed my community email address but I also want to change my profile active email address to match my community address, so I don't miss any available updates for my Aspire TC-605,[edited for privacy]0, purchased on 03/24/2015.  Please help me as this is driving me crazy.




    Terry Eickman

  • rocketscientistrocketscientist Posts: 1Member

    Hi, me too: this is my first post so I can then send a PM to delete the Acer ID for my old email adress. An update option would be simpler....

  • hmakehmake Posts: 4Member New User
    None of the links work to change my email, i have already created and registered a new account.  I inputted serial number and it worked.  I had no conflict with serial number being used twice.  Now, I think, I just need to delete my non existent email.  I have tried posting once, did not work.  ACER get your act together.  So many people have same problem.  Should I just submit my email i want deleted here, the system won't let me private message.  I know I'm not spose to post my personal info and email.  what do i do.  
  • hmakehmake Posts: 4Member New User
    It keeps saying page not found when I click the link.  Has Acer gone bankrupt or something?
  • SharanjiSharanji Posts: 3,934ACE Pathfinder
    Please send a private message to Acer-Karp including the email address your Acer ID is using, and he will arrange for the account to be deleted.  
    To avoid spam, users need at to have least 1 post to be able to use the PM system. 

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