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Hi, Acer Aspire E15 E51-511-C7PH worked fine for a year, now powers off after a few minutes or secs

Hi, Acer Aspire E15 E51-511-C7PH powers off, I restart it and it powers off again.

I did a reset  to factory settings, restarted from system recovery, no good.

Battery charges, power supply works fine, what's wrong?

Thank you,

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  • GuruAid-CSGuruAid-CS Posts: 467Member
    Accepted Answer

    As you have mentioned that there is no issue with your power supply and your battery is also charging, there is a probability that your battery backup has gone down. To check if this is the case, you are advised to generate a battery report by following the guidelines mentioned on the link below and see if that helps:


    If you are not able to find anything substantial from the report indicating that there is some issue with the battery, you can consider using another working battery (if feasible) and see if the issue occurs with another battery as well.


    Malware and virus infections can also cause Windows to shut down abruptly. To check and remove the infection, you can scan your system using the security software (if any) installed on your system. In addition to this, you can also follow the guidelines mentioned on the link below to detect and remove infection:


    If the issue still persists, you are advised to contact nearest Acer service center by using the link below to check if there is any hardware issue:


    Hope this will help you.

  • Lumi8Lumi8 Posts: 5Member

    Hi, I was able to do the battery report, the design capacity is 53,352 mWh

    full capacity is 54,644 mWh. Recent usage shows multiple active/suspended from 1 sec to 6 min.

    Battery duration, capacity history and life estimated are empty tables, in each case there is a “ –“.

    (I kept yhe laptop plugged in, never on battery).

    I was not able to do the Microsoft Safety Scanner, just as I started, the scan laptop shut off.

    I did the reset to factory settings two days ago and all files and apps have been deleted,

    If any virus, it must have been deleted too.

    I tried to restart, but it didn’t work anymore, not even for a second, looks like there’s no more I can do,

    will go to a repair shop, see if it’s worth repairing or shop for a new one.

    Thank you for your help, I much appreciate the links you sent, they are very useful.

    Now I know I should have let the battery discharge to 30% at least once per month.


  • cheryld1958cheryld1958 Posts: 2Member

    Were you able to find out what the problem was. I have had my acer for six month...my battery charges fine but it cuts off now every three minutes and keeps turning off my nortons...please write if the repair shop gave any info ...i have gotten mine to stay on a whole day..turn it off today back to step one ..power for three minutes...

  • Lumi8Lumi8 Posts: 5Member

    Hi, I do not remember very well the order, but this are the things I did:

    I reset it to factory settings, removed windows 10, went back to windows 8. I think the problem started a few days  after updating to windows 10. Could have been just a coincidence, but I will never upgrade again.

    It's also possible that there was a virus and it was removed.

    I set it aside for a week, battery removed. After that week, I just tried one more time and I was surprised to see it was working. I removed Comodo antivirus, replaced it with Bitdefender (free antivirus), I believe Comodo was not doing a good job, but Bitdefender does. If you say it stops your Norton, than it must be a virus. 

    I  keep the laptop on a small table covered with a tablecloth, I removed the tablecloth, and  I care to undust the table every few days. I used the vacuum cleaner to vacuum (at low intensity) the back of the laptop, in case there would be any dust or lint on the fan that caused overheating.

    Also, now, when it turns to sleep and the left blue led is off, I wake up the laptop by touching the pad, the blue led turns on and then the screen turns on. Before, I used to press the on/off button to wake it up, now I use the start button only to start it. The battery is fine, I never replaced it. I use the laptop every evening and it's still permanently plugged in, I never use it on battery. I believed in January that I damaged the laptop by keeping it permanently plugged in, but it was not this one the reason.  It works fine and I didn't go to repair shop. I have no idea what happened and how it started again to work well. About a month ago it was not connecting to internet, I used the restore system function and it worked well again. I believe it was a virus.

    Acer is a very robust machine, this is a second Acer laptop I have, my first one is 10 years old and still works very well. I also have a 15 years old Acer monitor still working perfectly. I don't think your laptop is broken, could be a virus, or something in the settings if you changed them recently. If you can start it long enaugh to reset it to factory settings, clean the viruses and the dust, it should be fine. I know how frustrating it is, keep trying, good luck!




  • cheryld1958cheryld1958 Posts: 2Member

    Thanks your information gives me hope....i am gonna let it sit a few days and try again...it is just so weird..it worked one day and i left it on all day cause i was afraid to turn it off.. So at night i did turn it off and the next morning it was messed up again...lol...once again thanks

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