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How can I reinstall dolby home theatre?

LG33LG33 Posts: 11Member

I was having sound problems with my Aspire V3 (571G). I was hearing some popping noise while listening to music and watching videos. It was really annoying. I thought it was a problem with the Dolby Home Theatre v4, so I went to control panel>uninstall a program>dolby home theatre>Repair. It didn't solve the problem, so I went to C:\ and copied the folder "Dolby PCEE4", then I uninstalled Dolby Home Theatre v4 thinking that I'll reinstall it by putting the folder back to it's directory. While it was uninstalling I found out that the problem wasn't the Dolby home theatre, instead it was some sort of audio enhancement, so I disabled it by going to Audio>manage audio devices>speakers>properties>enhancements and I checked the box: "disable all sound effects". The sound is fine, it doesn't do that popping noise but now I can't reinstall Dolby Home Theatre v4. I put the folder "Dolby PCEE4" back to C:\ directory and it didn't work. I opened the folder and I found a command called "install" so I executed the command, but it only created 15000+ files (3.79 GB) in the folder and Dolby home theatre was still not installed. So I went to http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/drivers and I entered my model name and OS (Windows 8), but there wasn't a "Dolby home theatre" application or driver available for download. How can I reinstall Dolby Home Theatre v4?


  • Acer-BlaynAcer-Blayn Posts: 2,326Moderator Seasoned Practitioner

    You can see if it is listed in your eRecovery app to reinstall using the instructions at http://acer.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/26947. If it is not listed in eRecovery, and not available on the download site, you may only be able to reinstall it by reloading your OS.

  • suraiz29suraiz29 Posts: 2Member

    Download the audio driver for the device and unzip it. The Dolby Home Theater v4 application installer can be found in a folder named "PCEE4" and the install executable is "DolbyHomeTheater.msi". Don't bother with "DolbyAdvancedAudio.msi" because it appears to just be a dumbed down version of DHTv4.
    Took me a while to find this out myself, hopefully you see this since your post was only a month ago.

  • apenaroksapenaroks Posts: 1Member

    I got the V3-571G and hated Windows 8 so I had installed my own copy of 7. And Dolby Home Theater isn't availble for download from the acer site. Anyone have any idea's how I can get it onto Windows 7? I don't have the recovery thing D:

  • SmurkSmurk Posts: 30Member
    Accepted Answer

    Think it comes with the realtek drivers, cause after wiping windows 8 and installing drivers for it on windows 7, it had dolby home theatre. And the drivers were realtek

  • EpicLPerEpicLPer Posts: 1Member

    Hello there!


    I know this thread is nearly one month old but I have the same Problem...


    I have the Aspire V5-572G and there indeed is an Realtek driver. But there is no PCEE4 (like mentioned in another answer here above) folder/program in it. There is only the driver.


    I installed Windows 8.1 Preview AND also tried Windows 7, no luck at all.


    Any help?

  • TazZ4FuNTazZ4FuN Posts: 3Member

    I have the same problme , I put Windows 8.1 and I had a problem with audio driver from acer. I have Acer Aspire V3-571G...The problem is ... when I put a movie or a song first 5-10 sec is the (voice) or song is UP (Higher) then will go down .... I put a new version driver Realtek and maybe I can install Dolby separated....

  • anderson99anderson99 Posts: 2Member

    Hi, I was wondering if you can help me please.


    I've been having problems with mine as well but on my V3-571 there doesn't appear to be any bass coming through the internal speaker. If I adjust last three bands on the low end of the EQ there is no difference at all. If I plug in my headphones or put it through external speakers there is a huge difference.


    Can you tell me if yours is the same. I sent it back to ACER but they tell me this is normal?!  


    All advice appreciated.

  • kevokevo Posts: 11Member
    in case anyone is still lokking for an answer, the download for dolby home theater v4 can be found here http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS027444 please note that lenovo (the company that is offering the download) is another laptop manufacturer, so don't expect acer to help you with the installation or if you happen to run into any problems. i don't know why acer isn't offering a download for this program, but this should work as well. when you run the application, it will extract some files to the folder C:\DRIVERS\WIN\Dolby. you need to open the folder and run the setup.bat file. it should install Dolby Home Theater v4 7.2.8000.17. after restarting your computer, the program should work as usual. you can delete the folder mentioned above after installing the software or keep it in case you need to install it again in the future. i had no touble installing it on my acer v3-771. make sure you are using the latest realtek audio drivers and you should be fine.
  • AbubakarAbubakar Posts: 1Member

    Please, go to:




    Scroll to Drivers and Manuals


    Under Search by Product Model enter your acer model number eg. Aspire 4830T


    On the ensuing page select your operating system version


    You will get a list of drivers for that operating system.


    Go to the:


    AudioConexantAudio Driver8. MB2011/04/14Download


    Click the download button.


    After downloading extact content to a folder. Inside that folder you will see a folder called "DolbyGUI" or "PCEE4". Open it and execute the "DolbyHomeTheater.msi". Do not waste your time with the other file "DolbyAdvancedAudio.msi", except of course if it works for you. It didn't for me!







  • zurazura Posts: 2Member

    I want to record Dolby Home Theater

  • zurazura Posts: 2Member

    I want to record Dolby Home Theater


  • poweretorjpoweretorj Posts: 7Member

    Just open Acer Recovery Management => Reinstall Drivers or Applications => Install Audio Codec => follow instructions and restart.


    Video: http://acer.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/26947

  • samialkalbanisamialkalbani Posts: 1Member

    i also have acrt aspire v3-571g and when i want to install the dolby home theater it says first install pcee

  • VidZVidZ Posts: 10Member

    Can anybody help me with this problem






    I have tried to uninstall realtek audio device in device manager > restart > install the setup.exe file in the folder Audio_Realtek_6.0.1.6581_W7x64x86 > restart > and install the dolbyhometheater.msi and the error shows up.


    I use aspire E1 -471 ,OS windows 7

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