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Aspire 5750-6677 won't hold Wi-Fi connection

This is a problem which suddenly appeared, after years of use with no problem.  It is just this one device, Aspire laptop, that has the problem (we have 2 smartphones, 2 desktops, 2 laptops and a tablet).  So nothing wrong with network, router etc.  It's a problem for this one computer only.


1) laptop will initially connect to network, automatically as one would expect.

2) after several minutes of use it will state that there is no longer an internet connection (at that moment other devices connected no problem and router signals all look good).

3) closing browser and re-opening does no good.

4) doing a restart of the computer ALWAYS fixes the problem, it comes back up with WiFi connection, but it will lose the signal again, same way in another several minutes.


Should I purchase and replace the WiFi card myself?  I have replaced boards in computers several times over the years and understand the precautions.

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  • finluxfinlux Posts: 1,834ACE Pathfinder

    Hi uphiller


    Yes, if you're capable of it, then replacing it will be OK. It certainly sounds like yours has an intermittent fault! However, you could use a wireless USB dongle like this:


    A cheaper & easier way of doing it!

  • Hopeful_2Hopeful_2 Posts: 4Member

    Have you upgraded to Win10 ?

    If so, then I have exactly the same issue after upgrading from Win7 to Win10 Home edition 64bit OS with the wifi adapter, which is a Broadcom Wireless N adapter.


    Once you upgrade to Win10 and then run the update wizard via device Manager for your Wifi Adapter, Windows will probably determine if you've got the most recent driver and upgrade the driver if you select the option to search the internet for the most recent driver.


    The problem is that version from Broadcom ver 6.30xx.xx will eventually result in

    a) Lock up the screen entirely and you'll have to perform a manual power off/on in order to get the wifi back, or b) The wifi connection is active with an ip address from your Router, but you'll lose Internet connectivity and the browser stops responding and displays an error like " Unable to display the web page " or the wifi icon in the system tray will show a * above it or turn yellow.


    I've recently managed to find a Win10 driver for my Acer Aspire 5750 Broadcom wifi card, which I'm going to install tonight and will post back how the driver is performing.


    The new version is Driver Ver=12/10/2015, 7.35.338.0
    CatalogFile     = BCM43XX.CAT


    This driver is for Win10 32 and 64 Bit operating systems.


    Note: I actually contacted Broadcom via their support page, however they do not have an actual Win10 driver for this particular wifi card Broadcom BCM43xx card, as this is from the OEM in this case Acer.

  • Hopeful_2Hopeful_2 Posts: 4Member

    I had exactly the same issue with my Broadcom wifi card after upgrading to Windows 10 64bit Home Edition.

    I installed this driver and so far it's working fine with my Broadcom Wireless N wifi card.

    Wifi connects first time and holds the connection all day until powered off :-)


    If you open the back of your laptop and feel confident to remove the two connectors and remove the wifi card it will

    show you the details of the card. Mine was a Broadcom BCM-BCM943227HM4L card which supports wireless 2.4 and 5ghz dual band up to 300 mbps transfer.


    Here's a link to the driver.



    Broadcom BCM43xx Wireless LAN Driver 7.35.338.0 WHQL Windows 10 32/64bit

    title:    Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver
    Vendor:    Broadcom
    Category:    Network
    License:    Driver    
    OS:    Windows 10 32/64bit
    Version:    7.35.338.0
    File Size:    13.27 Mb
    Release:    25 Dec 2015
    Update:      28 Dec 2015
    Filename:    broadcom_wlan_7.35.338.0.zip

  • Hopeful_2Hopeful_2 Posts: 4Member

    I also performed some additional research on my laptop and found that the wifi cards that shipped with this device

    can be one of the following wifi cards ( if you look at the driver support page here for Acer drivers Win7 32/ 64 bit ) which is the operating System that shipped with my device, yours may be different.


    The wifi cards are probably one of the following:

    Artheros AR5B97

    Broadcom BCM-BCM943227HM4L

    Intel Centrino advanced N6205


    ***** For my wifi card which was the Broadcom one, if this driver didn't fix the issue for Broadcom BCM43xx Wireless LAN Driver 7.35.338.0 WHQL Windows 10 32/64bit , then I was going to look at buying the Intel Centrino advanced N6205 wifi card on Ebay for approx $10. The Intel Wifi card N6205 has updated Win10 32 and 64bit drivers via the Intel site which you can download via this url https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/59471/Intel-Centrino-Advanced-N-6205-Dual-Band


    Hopefully that will help someone out there, who has upgraded to Win10 and their wifi card has issues as per the previous posts above.

    I wasn't able to find any Win10 drivers for the Artheros AR5B97 card, however someone else may have found some on the internet.


    I spent many hours searching for drivers for the Broadcom wifi card, which finally paid off.


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