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Is the battery in an Aspire R14 (R5-471T) user replaceable? What is the max RAM for this unit?

Can the R5-471T battery be replaced by the user?  If so how?


Can the RAM be upgraded on this unit?




  • -Justin-Justin Posts: 2,362Member



    The battery is not considered user replaceable as far as Acer is concerned, it can be done though.


    The memory is onboard memory and is not able to be upgraded.

  • josemanuelshjosemanuelsh Posts: 1Member

    Sorry for the question, but are you saying that I can not installed extra 8GB RAM to this laptop? I would like to have 16GB total.


    Also, I would like to know if I can Install a second SSD or HDD to this laptop. 


    Thank you for your help.

  • -Justin-Justin Posts: 2,362Member



    This notebook does not have a memory slot to add additional memory, correct.


    I also do not see anything that supports the addition of a SSD or HDD to the notebook.

  • DarleneONDarleneON Posts: 2Member

    so you have to bring it somewhere to have the battery changed?  Is this expensive?

  • -Justin-Justin Posts: 2,362Member



    Depending on your technical skill and patience it can be done by you, but if you break it that will not be a good thing. I would suggest that you ask on these forums if you wish to do so, someone might be able to provide you a step by step possibly that has already did so.

  • nogaR14nogaR14 Posts: 18Member


    I just bought the R14 as well and am disappointed it's another sealed battery, like my last Aspire Timeline-x.  After FOUR years (I usually leave it plugged in at home) it's now giving a battery replace warning and while I was able to find a video online on how to do it, it is extremely cumbersome.  You basically have to disassemble the entire laptop.  Search online for a video.

  • jonatjonat Posts: 2Member

    The battery in this model isn't hard to get at. Just remove the 12 Philips screws on the bottom and carefully pry off the bottom cover. The battery is secured with two Philips screws and has a connector to the mainboard. I lifted mine out the other day just to see what was underneath (answer: not much.)


    Whether you can get a suitable replacement, I don't know. Perhaps by the time the battery dies there will be options.


    As was said, the RAM is soldered in and not upgradeable, but 8GB is plenty for most purposes. There is no room for a second SSD. The internal SSD is an M.2 card.  You can replace this with any M.2 SATA SSD in the 2280 form factor. The only other internal slot is the Mini-PCIe connector for the WiFi adapter.



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