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Bluetooth not in device manager Acer Aspire V3-571 Windows 10

Hi there


I did a clean install of Windows 10 several months back. All is working perfectly fine. However, Bluetooth does not appear in Device Manager (including when hidden devices are shown):




This hasn't bothered me up to now, because I never had a requirement to use Bluetooth since I purchased this laptop back in 2012. However, now I do...


1)  Have tried installing the Atheros Bluetooth 8 and 8.1 drivers from Acer Support>Drivers & Manuals. Still no luck (FYI there are no Windows 10 drivers supported for V3-571)


2) Because of the above I tried installing the driver for V3-572 (some people have recommended elsewhere for other issues with Acer models not supported with W10 drivers) - unfortunately this did not work. I installed the below only.




All the above install did was update my wireless network adapter driver? Bluetooth still did not appear in device manager.


Can anyone help? I must add that Bluetooth does not appear via the W10 menu either:




But greyed out Bluetooth option does appear via notifications>actions menu pop up (unable to activate, probably because there's no apparent driver according to device manager):




I know that that the obvious answer will be "Your Acer Aspire model is not supported with drivers for W10, therefore there may be some compatibility issues", but surely someone out there must have my model (or older), be using W10 and still be able to use Bluetooth?


Many thanks in advance and hope someone can put me out of my misery!


  • RevoMaxxRevoMaxx Posts: 458ACE Pioneer

    I don't have your system. But I know that with the Nov Release of 10, My bluetooth don't work anymore either. When 10240 was released there was no issues. However with the November 10586 after the update it said Sorry this bluetooth wasn't compatible and was removed. 


    I tried to reinstall the Wireless/Bluetooth Driver but bluetooth still away. Lucky my Wireless part still working.... 


    Maybe it could be the same thing with yours. Or maybe if you give your Wireless/Bluetooth model maybe there is others that have info about a good Driver for your system




    PS. Not all systems have everything that is listed in the Drivers list of Acers website. It could be that yours didn't come with the Bluetooth Part

  • smegatronsmegatron Posts: 15Member

    Wireless adapter is as per below (assume this is what you mean as I cannot determine Bluetooth model as it doesn't exist in Device Manager):




    For me, this has no connection to recent Windows 10 update. It's been like this since I installed W10 in August.


    Have you tried downloading and installing drivers for a similar model to yours which do have W10 supported drivers? It'd be interesting to see if it'd work.


    I would like to point out that when I install the W8.1 Atheros Bluetooth driver ( for my model, it goes through all of the installation process fine. Prompts me to restart computer as per norm, but driver still not apparent in Device Manager. However, Bluetooth Suite exists within program and features.




    It's frustrating. To put it politely.

  • ebeutlerebeutler Posts: 1Member

    I seem to have the same problem, although I only recently purchased my Acer AspireE5-575G.  Bluetooth was working fine, and then suddenly disappeared.  I was using a BT keyboard and mouse, so it was painfully obvious.  I now have a USB mouse and keyboard installed, but this is an inconvenient workaround.


    Were you ever able to restore your Bluetooth???

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