Broken laptop lid hinges Please also let me know which model this happened to this?

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Hello all. 


Can I open a thread and discussion to see how many peoples Acer has broken lid hinges within the first 3 years? Please also let me know which model this happened to, this would be useful to see if there is an inherent design or process fault.



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    Hi there,

    I have the same issue as reported by many. The right hinge just broke. I tried to glue it back with no success.

    Did you find out if there is a design flaw, which is likely with so many reports on this?


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    Google search keyword broken laptop hinge and any consumer laptop manufacturer ( such as Acer, or Asus or Dell or HP) to see how many hits you get. Due to being a very high stress point, broken hinges are common in plastic framed cases with lids that are opened & closed too much. Only much more expensive commercial-grade ruggedized metal framed laptops can withstand this kind of abuse. .

    Jack E/NJ

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    Usually it's not the hinge that breaks, since those are made of metal, but the plastic mounts where the screws go in. Did your hinge actually break? I think I've heard of only one instance in the last 10-15 years where someone had the actual hinge break...

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    The only two brands that I know that come with metal hinges/mounts in the Acer Aspire price class are Huawei and Asus (new Vivobook Go, 16" OLED has a Lithium-Magnesium alloy frame). After dropping my Aspire 5 a515-54G at least 3 times outside on a solid stone floor the hinge finely cracked (100% my fault) and I super glued everything back, including the supports inside on the MOBO. I don't close the lid now but use the F1 Z key to put the laptop to sleep, when I travel I carefully close/open the lid with my thumb and index fingers at the bottom of the screen to avoid putting any stress on the hinge/lid mounts. I will probably buy a sturdier but more expensive laptop next year.😉

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    I've had a lot chromebooks break there. Mostly due to students being rough on them and a little cheaply designed.

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    It's just that it's badly made or ur bad at using it so yeah also close this bc you said it's over

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