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Screen black on start up

I have an Acer Aspire 5542 laptop. Suddenly yesterday the screen went black and would not display anything.  I could hear that it started up, but no display.  I checked a few forum posts from the past and found information on this problem, and I followed the directions with no change.  I have the 3 discs from when I purchased it - I believe it was 6 years ago, and so I put them in 1 at a time and turned it on again.  The screen lit up and acted normally.

I have the battery out and am using only ac power and I had tried with an external monitor prior to trying anything else and it did not work.  The fn/f6, fn/f5 did not do anything, nor did fn/esc held down help.  I let the laptop turn off on its own after getting it back, and the same thing happened again last night.  I got it back by the same method but want to find out the problem and the reason it is doing this.  Could it be the Bios need to be updated?  I don't even know what that is :-~, but saw it listed as maybe a problem???  I am not computer literate, but will try to solve problems if I can without going to a service center.  I restored my laptop a few months ago with no problem back to original, after backing up my files.  Sometimes I make mistakes.  I don't want to end up making one this time.

Can you help?


  • ratherbe2ratherbe2 Posts: 2Member

    I don't know why no one has responded to my post.  I thought this was a forum with help from other users and that at least the moderator or some Acer tech would have replied.  

    I have found a version of Bios update on the Acer site, but I have been told that the version 1.09 is harmful rather than helpful and that is the most recent update that they have listed from 2010 June 23.  Are there any other like forums that anyone would suggest to get some answers?

    Thanks for any help you can give.

  • RevoMaxxRevoMaxx Posts: 458ACE Pioneer

    First sorry your message hasn't been moved to the Laptop area. maybe that is why your not getting the help your expecting. 


    SOrry your having problems with your computer and feel that your not getting the Support from the forum that you expect. Sadly it is at times hard to make a Judgement call as to what something could be or offer any help when there isn't anyone with the same issue.......


    I am sick myself for the last couple of days, stuck in bed..... When I have replied it has been from my Phone and I did see your question, However I wasn't sure what the problem is or what all you have tried seeing you have said that you looked and found some things treid and was able to get in Windows, Then it would do the same thing again.... So I stayed with trying to recover....


    I don't want to say for sure that I know what your problem is but I sadly from what you have posted, sounds like it is a failing HDD *HardDrive*, I say this because your having to boot from CD's and sounds like your MBR on your drive is failing. I say failing because you did a restore and that should have fixed things.... When you said it did it again kind of tells me could be a Bad Drive..... I would say if you are able to get your computer back on. Got to the internet and DL a file called Hard Disk Sentinel This can give you some information on the health of your HDD. IF this isn't your problem, I am sure there is someone that will be able to offer some info. Sadly it just don't happen when we always want it.



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