Need touchpad replacement for Aspire 5951G

Hi - hope someone has an answer - I have an Acer 5951G and the removable touchpad (RMTP-S1Q) has a faulty battery, which is swelling and starting to split the rubberised housing.


I urgently need to get a compatible replacement touchpad, but Acer here in Thailand say they dont have it, and I have had no luck getting onto Acer themselves via the website, which simply says my laptop is out of warranty - and I can't see any way to get hold of them to simply buy a replacement unit.


I looked on eBay and they have none, neither did the only other website I found that even recognised the part number.


I am seriously considering replacing the whole thing with an Asus as this sort of support is pathetic.


Anyone else had this issue?

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  • greerbcapthaigreerbcapthai Member Posts: 2

    An update - I have finally found someone at Acer Spare Parts in the UK (+44 2840669640) who gave me the correct part number for this.

    The Model Number is RMTP-S1Q, but the correct Part Number is 56.RHS07.001 and the listed price is GBP58 plus VAT and shipping.


    Problem is that apparently they have none in stock, and don't know if they can even get any, or how long if they order one.


    I have been advised also to try Germany Spare Parts in case they have it... will advise progress (if any).


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