how to fix WiFi adapter in Aspire One Netbook

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My daughter has the Netbook Aspire One..  the WiFi is not working    When I push the Fn-F3 it does not change the WiFi settings..  the little WiFi light in front is not on.. can't get it to come on..   I don't know if something has gone out on it or what,   in the device manager, under Network Adapter the only thing showing is the Realtek PCIe family controller..  there is no wireless adapter showing...  It has one.. so could the adapter gone out and how do I tell if that is the problem.. 

    It is acting as if there is NO adapter for wireless in the computer...  it connects to the internet with a cable, but not wireless..   It went down back in March...  but I was not with my daughter til today.. so just now trying to find out why...  





  • Obama
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    Maybe you missing some driver?

  • PunjabSis
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    Thanks..  am trying to find the drivers for the netbook we have...  and attempt to download...  the drivers were installed but appears to have disappeared for some reason...   don't know why ...   


     going to check again...