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Loosing internet connection

BasilBasil Posts: 7Member

Recently bought Aspire v3-571 8GB i3, windows 8. Internet connection keeps dropping out very half hour or so,  I have to keep going to setting - WIFI, disconnect then reconnect.  Very frustrating.  Please help!!


  • TabbiekatzTabbiekatz Posts: 760Member

    Check the support website and download the latest drivers for your wifi card. That should do it. If not, you may want to call tech support and go through some troubleshooting with them.

  • BasilBasil Posts: 7Member

    thanks.  i did look at drivers but did know what to download.  bit of a layman i'm afraid

  • BasilBasil Posts: 7Member

    Downloaded new drivers... Still happening 'm afraid.  Had to reconnect 2 twice in 10 minutes just now.  Are Acers just crap or can somebody help me?  Many thanks.

  • katykimkatykim Posts: 3Member

    I am having the same problem, I wonder if its the router is older and not as compatible.

  • judicialfuryjudicialfury Posts: 4Member

    My Aspire One is having a ton of internet issues as well. No lie: I've attempted to post this reply several times because my browser keeps crashing.


    The connection also becomes limited and fully disconnects for no reason. If I disconnect and (or) reconnect to the same network, however, it works great for about 30-or-so minutes. Wish the wireless cards were better, because this is ridiculous.

  • dmanettedmanette Posts: 2Member

    So... is there a solution to this problem or do I need to take my Acer back to the store? Mine was losing it's internet connection every hour or so but now it seems to be every 10 minutes max. Very very frustrating! 

  • gtmusic95gtmusic95 Posts: 2Member

    My Aspire v5 is doing the same thing! I have only had it a week and my AT&T wireless router is new. I was hoping it was just a setting somewhere that was making it disconnect after 10 to 30 mins periodically.

  • webmasterpdxwebmasterpdx Posts: 7Member

    Try using the Chrome browser instead of IE.


  • mjrhealthmjrhealth Posts: 4Member
    Have you tried this. I have the V3-571G and was getting wirelss dropouts randomly. Up dating drivers did not help. Anyway, i ended up uninstaling the device in devicemanager, and selected delete the device driver option.. When i did a refresh it installed with an older driver version, did same thing again, again after refresh it came up with the original driver so did routine again, this time it could not find a driver so i installed the very latest version and so far so good it has being stable. Just make sure you have the latest driver onyour desktop before trying. So far being stablefor 2 weeks, can actually have a skype conversation without dropping out.
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