how do i upgrade an Aspire Z5710 to Win 10, i get a frozen computer

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windows is downloaded but my machine seems not to be supported for upgrade to Windows 10. I'm currently running 8.1 on 4gb ram.there appears to be a problem with support for the graphics card on this machine and my machine grinds to a halt with a black screen. on restart, 8.1 reinstalls and i see an error code of C1900101-40017.


  • philetus
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     Did you run the Application Experience Microsoft compatability Appraiser? 

    Go to start and enter "installed updates". Then enter kb/2952664 in search in the upper right corner.

    Have it?

    Then open an elevated command prompt and copy and paste:

    schtasks.exe /Run /TN "\Microsoft\Windows\Application Experience\Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser"




  • Preben1933
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    NVIDIA GeForce G210M is not compatibel with windows 10 - my z5710 does not satisfy systems specification.

    How can I have Windows 10 on this machine - please help



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  • padgett
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    NVIDIA says the have Windows 10 drivers for the G210M - see here.


    I have had to boot into high contrast mode before to sort out a video problem.