Worse product ever

I spent $400+ on my Acer Aspire V 11 touch and I couldn't be any more disappointed in this product.


My space bar doesnt work unless i press on it hard and directly in the middle of the bar which is irritating and time consuming when im trying to write an essay or along email or message.


My touch screen barely reads my touch and sometimes does the opposite of what i try to do.


I tried to download the free windows 10 upgrade onto my laptop and it gets almost to the end of the download and tellsme there is an error in the download and it cannot be downloaded.


my store on the laptop where im suppose to be able to download gameseither doesnt load or when it does load and i try to search a game it doesnt even work and just loads forever to try and find the game ive searched for and it doesnt ever stop loading


i tried to contact someone directly but of coursei get put on hold or hung up on and the live chat option doesnt load on my lapto, shocker.


i am a AppleProduct advocate but ive heard so many good things about acer so i tried it out.i loved the fact it was a touch screen and was apparentlyfast buti wish i had never bought this laptop. it was a waste of money and i tried to get mymoney back for it but because i boughtit on sale they wouldnt do it. i also tried to see if i could trade it in for a tablet instead but that was out of the question. i got told i have to buy the new product i want and keep the laptop or try to sell it to someone. but no body wants this laptop because it sucks.


im furious and it sucks that everyone i tried to talk to about it has done nothing to help me. i really want a tablet but im reconsidering since apparently im stuck with this crappy laptop


thanks fornothing acer

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  • Sorry to hear your having problems. I can understand your being upset. Sadly with everything there are lemons. Now why the company you bought it from won't let you trade or return it is where I would be upset. Unless it was bought as a return/refurbished sold as is then sadly it's one of them things lesson learned. Sounds like the keyboard may have something stuck under the key. The good thing is there are always usb backup keyboards to be had. I have one on one of my Acer Ones because my wife was hard on her laptop and have missing keys that I use. Soon I will have a replacement. Until then I will use the usb one.

  • skylar19skylar19 Member Posts: 2

    There isn't anything under my spacebar i have cleaned under all my buttons when i got the computer as i do for allmy laptops if i find buttons that dont work. and i bought this laptop brand new.it was not refurbished or anything so them not letting me trade or return has everything to do with thelack offollowing company rules and nothing to do with the laptop. also i know that all products have "lemons" but this one ishorrible compared to other acer models and other brands of laptops. it doesnt work the way i got told itwould

  • -Justin-Justin Member Posts: 2,362 Skilled Specialist



    I have sent you a PM in regards to this issue to see what I can do to possibly assist.

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