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My computer continually runs very slow.  I've monitored Task Mgr and noted Disk always at 99%-100%.  CPU typically <10% and Memory <40%.  This happened on Win 8.1 and Win 10.  I've checked Disk Mgmt and all Partitions are Healthy.  Free Space is 87%.  I've checked the Processes with heaviest disk usage and none of them seem unusual.


Intel i5-3230M, RAM 6GB, Win 10 (64 bit).


Any ideas?


  • sukup6
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    have you tried disk optimize and defragment option in windows settings.

  • jpwalch
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    Ran Optmize and it showed disk at 2% fragmented, now 0%.  Ran CHKDSK. It showed no problems.  Ran System Maintenance Troubleshooter.  It showed no problems.  I've tried END TASK for certain Processes that were the highest user.  Some other Process moves up and becomes the highest user.

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    I had the same issue- tried a number of things, nothing really helped until I upgraded to windows 10 - since that the computer runs smoothly.


    Good Luck!

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    I had the same symptoms across the same OS versions as yours.  I've found several different suggestions on different forums to remedy this.  The one that is working for me is to disable the "Connected User Experiences and Telemetry" Service.  So far, I haven't found anything negative by this not running.


    Press the Windows key and type "Services".  Double click the Services Desktop App when it shows up in the list.  Scroll to "Connected User Experiences and Telemetry".  Right mouse click on the Service.  Then left mouse click on Properties.  Change the Startup Type to "Disabled" and click the Stop button under Service Status.


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    jpwatch, your solution worked and has reduced my disk usage substantially. Cheers
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    JP Walsh's suggestion about disabling user experience and Telemetry worked perfectly for me. I went from 100% disk usage to as low as 2%. Once in a while it is reading 100% but that doesn't last...so far... Fingers crossed. My computer is no longer a "boat anchor". I'm extremely grateful.
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    I tried it and it made no difference.
    My issue is more profound and occurs on two ACER laptops (Aspire/v5 571 Series) and (Aspire R15  N16P2).
    Both are VERY VERY Slow when first booted up - even before the first screen pops up on the monitor. When I eventually can access the PC's, I login and start the Task Manager. The disk usage shows 100% and this state continues for about 10 minutes.
    After this status changes, both laptops are fine - until I boot them again.
    Does anyone know what is happening even before the display monitor comes to life when booting the ACER laptops?

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    Typically something like that is caused by an app that hammers the disk on startup, usually something like an antivirus that automatically does a scan at first boot. You can usually pin it down pretty quickly (in slow as molasses versions of quick) by running Resource Monitor then sorting the disk section by Total B/sec. The other things that less often causes it is a corrupt disk that forces a chkdsk each boot...
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