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I ugraded my Aspire V5-122p to Windows 10 on Friday, after being prompted by Microsoft to upgrade, unfortunately, my touchpad has lost a lot of its functionality, for example, it is not responding to tapping, the left and right buttons are not working, and I cannot select text as a result. However, double clicking and single clicking is available. My device uses the Elan touchpad. The current installed driver is version I have tried uninstalling it and restarting Windows, but it has not helped. Does anyone have a solution? It will be much appreciated.

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  • Geek1969Geek1969 Member Posts: 5

    Just an update. I rolled back the touchpad drivers to a generic Microsoft driver from 21st June 2006, version number 10.0.10240.16384, which has restored most of the touchpad' functionality. I am now able to right and left click as well as select text. I am also able to double tap the touch the touchpad. This is just an interim solution, which is working pretty well. I will try to install an Elan touchpad driver version from 2013 and see what happens.

  • Geek1969Geek1969 Member Posts: 5
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    SOLVED! I installed the Elan touchpad drivers for Windows 8.1, for the Acer Aspire V5-122p, which I got from:

    http://drivers.softpedia.com/dyn-postdownload.php/198498d77bdf32747bf18d222b94054b/55d101ae/4d252/0/1?tsf=0, which has solved the problem. I now have full touchpad functionality. For anybody with this problem, this solution might help.


  • Geek1969Geek1969 Member Posts: 5

    I have installed the Elan touchpad drivers for the Aspire V5-122P for Windows 8.1, version from 2013, and I have full touchpad functionality now. I found the drivers at the Softpedia website. This has sorthed out everything and I am happy. The latest driver version 15.xxx.xxx, which came with Windows 10, just was not working. So, if you experience a touchpad problem after upgrading to Windows 10, try installing an earlier version of the driver, for Windows 8.1.

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