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Dolby digital plus keeps turning of

it seems to be it is working ( the icon is blue as activated), just wgen I open youtube it turn off (icon becoms pale) and I must manually turn it on, and by every switch on youtube turns off again

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  • hiemohiemo Posts: 7
    Accepted Answer

    The Problem was with hey cortana, so I deactivated it

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  • TimboTimbo Posts: 36Member

    Are you using a browser or app?

    The browser should use the windos direct sound api, so you should not see this issue.

  • hiemohiemo Posts: 7Member
    Accepted Answer

    The Problem was with hey cortana, so I deactivated it

  • sichuanbobsichuanbob Posts: 1Member

    My Aprire V Nitro Black Edition came with Dolby Digital Plus but because it keeps turning itself off, I uninstalled it so I could reinstall it.  But now I can't find where I can download it!   Can you please send me a link so I can get it back on my Acer?



  • GreyFoxsGreyFoxs Posts: 2Member

    Hey I had the same problem with my acer aspire V17.

    Dolby Digital Plus didn't work anymore so I reinstalled the audio drivers and all of a sudden DDP disappeared!

    I did a lot of searching around on this forum and on the internet and I found nothing.

    Luckily, I found the solution by myself today!


    So here's what you have to do:


    1. Go to acer.com and click support. 

    2. Then go to Drivers and Manuals.

    3. Use the lists there to select your laptop and select it.

    4. This should show you a list of drivers and updates and stuff on the bottom of the page.

    5. Now what you wanna do there is locate the Realtek audio driver and download it.

    6. Once that's downloaded open it with any .zip unpacking program and locate the folder named "DS1".

    7. In there open either folder "x64" or "x86" (I used the x64 one for I guess 64-bit? I have no idea what the x86 means though) and in there you should find the installer for DDP!


    Just run it and it should reinstall DDP on your laptop! Smiley Very Happy


    Hope this helps!


    PS. Now I'm off to find a fix for my broken HD Webcam that came built in this laptop... Smiley Frustrated

  • pdnRPHpdnRPH Posts: 30Member New User

    I have tried turning off Cortana. doesn't work. I have reinstalled Dolby Digital Plus. Still turns off most of the time. There needs to be a fix for this

  • pdnRPHpdnRPH Posts: 30Member New User

    Now we have Developers Update from Windows, and still Dolby Digital Plus keeps turning off. No fix. WE NEED A FIX

  • varunkumarr92varunkumarr92 Posts: 1Member New User
    right click sound button and choose sound then go to recording tab and right on blank space and click check to disconnected and disabled devices then enable stereo mix option and choose it as a default device then problem will be solved (cortana will not work again now for cortana u should set microphone as a default device (there is a choice cortana or dolby digital))
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