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Few issues upon Installing Windows 10

SunWalkerSunWalker Member Posts: 3

I've tried to upgrade an Acer Aspire Z5801 PC from Windows 7 home to Windows 10 but I've ran into some problems doing so.


After a successful installation of Windows 10, the following occurred:


  • During boot, I'd be greeted with a black screen that has a blinking grey-ish dash located in the top left-hand corner of the screen, it'll blink for a bit, move down and then proceed to the Windows logo screen. Here, it would get stuck and sometimes proceed to a reboot where the grey dash screen will pop up once again. After that, it would get to the Windows logo and load up the OS as normal - What does a grey blinking dash screen typically mean? I got this while attempting to install Windows 10 on my previous two attempts, it usually led to the failure of Windows 10 upgrade.
  • Complete disappearence of my Wireless Network Adapter. It's gone, nowhere to be found. Ethernet appears fine, but no sign of wireless? I even tried to get a Windows 7 driver and see if it would work, it said it installed but it still doesn't show on Device manager, even if "show hidden devices" is ticked. Reverted back to Windows 7 and it got recognised again. I tried a USB wireless adapter (Netgear wg111v3) and that worked fine. So why isn't the built-in card working?

The Get Windows 10 app said this PC was ready to go. Why say that if it just gives me problems? 

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  • bigbear639bigbear639 Member Posts: 33

    The blinking disappears when you move the cursor on the item, just left click on it to go to that selection. I too had a problem with the screen colors and had to experiment with the colors, the default seemed to be yellow on white and most of the light colors were equaly problematic. I use ethernet and the LED for WiFi stayed RED, I went into settings and eventually clicked on wifi and it turned off. I do have a serious problem with theCD/DVD drive not being recognized. In the device menu it says working normally. I was able to use the Drive with VLC but had to go through a dozen trial and error steps. Usingbthe Windows Media playerworks just fine as it syncs with my other Computers.

    Willcheck out a few suggestions about uninstalling the drive and see what happens.

  • SunWalkerSunWalker Member Posts: 3

    But there isn't a cursor on screen when you're on the black screen with a flashing/blinking grey dash. It just flashes for a bit, moves down 2 spaces and then proceeds to the Windows logo screen. I've no idea what it is but it doesn't look normal, especially considering how it sometimes reboots upon entering the Windows logo screen. It's weird and I've researched online but can't find anything relating to it. The screen comes after you leave the ACER boot screen (that you first see upon switching it on). This issue occurs during the upgrade process and after installation. 


    As for Wi-fi, my adapter doesn't show at all. There isn't any option for Wi-Fi because the adapter is simply non-existant according to Windows 10. The ethernet adapter is there, but not the wireless adapter.


    Windows 10 is acting like the computer doesn't have a built-in wireless adapter but it in fact does.

  • billseybillsey ACE Posts: 8,811 Trailblazer

    The blinking cursor means there's something executing before Windows loads. Usually it happens when you either have a driver that sends output to the screen or an update that has to run before Windows can load.


    The instances I've seen so far with a missing wireless after upgrade was due to a VPN client that was installed, but not fully updated, before the W10 upgrade. Some VPN clients setup virtual adapters that apparenty get in the way of some wireless adapters.

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  • SunWalkerSunWalker Member Posts: 3

    Well, whenever I see a blinking grey dash (I wouldn't call this a cursor, it's just a dash) before it gets to the Windows logo, it usually reboots or if upgrading to Windows 10, results in a failed installation. It certainly isn't normal for this screen to appear every time you boot it - it's a Windows 10 specific issue of course, but the cause is unknown.


    As for Wireless issue, I read that the VPN client issue only affected systems that were upgrading from Windows 8. I don't think Windows 7 has built-in VPN clients? Not sure. The problem here is the network adapter doesn't show at all. Windows 10 acts like it doesn't exist - I even tried to install a driver that I had on Windows 7, it said it successfully installed but still the adapter failed to show in Device manager or anywhere on my computer. I don't think the cause is a VPN client interfering with the installation/upgrading of the wireless network adapter.



  • nelsonoutarnelsonoutar Member Posts: 2

    After installation of windows 10. My cursor cannot be found. Please assist

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