Acer Aspire 3820TG Graphics problem

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Hello! I just recently updated my Acer Aspire Timeline X 3920TG to windows 10. The installer reported that there should be no problems, and all seemed well, installation went painless.

However, I soon discovered some problems with the drivers for the graphics card, an AMD Radeon HD 6550M. 

- The card is reported as a "5000 series" card, not 6000. Some people have mentioned that it is just a rebranded 5000 card, but it has shown up as 6550M before.

- The HDMI connector is not working, and as such I cannot use my TV for a second screen. Worked fine before installing windows 10, but not now.

- Civ 5 does not start with DX9 any more. DX 11 works fine.
- Way of the Samurai 4 has started lagging seriously. Not much framedrop, but everything is in slow motion, and it responds very slowly to controls. Again, worked fine in windows 7.


I have googled for solutions, reinstalled drivers, killed all drivers and tried to reinstall both directly from AMD, Acer and Microsofts update service, but to no avail. 


Please help. Is this a lost cause or is there a solution?


  • peqoud
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    Same problem here.


    As all drivers are only for windows 7, this seems to be a lost cause. I hade the same hope. But It seems that this laptop and the switchable graphics will only work good under Windows 7.



  • Khamero
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    Too bad. I took the plunge to downgrade again to windows 7, which was as easy as upgrading to 10, thankfully. Gotta give them credit for that at least. 

    Works perfectly in 7, so I guess I'll have to live with this until I upgrade to a newer laptop. =/

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    Hi there,


    Had those problems, reset all drives.

    Now the laptop is empty complete new drive.

    Boot up, screen said no OS

    Go network boot only for the intel chip

    After that still show no OS


    Can anyone help ?


    Tks n rgds


    TomSmiley Wink

  • sharky25k
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    Since you have a new drive, you will need to use a windows instalation disk to install a windows OS on your computer.


    For windows 10 you can download a tool here: and make a DVD or USB which you can use to install it.


    For Windows 7, well you will need an ISO image or an installation DVD. Unfortunately as far as I know microsoft does not offer you to download windows 7 as an ISO image.