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Intermittent WiFi issue following Windows 10 upgrade

DaisyDuck99DaisyDuck99 Member Posts: 7
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My acer Aspire V3-571 has been intermittently losing WiFi for past 2 days since Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 7 Home Premium.

The Aspire has:

Atheros wireless network adapter AR5BWB222 Wed. 2/15/12


So far, I have:

1. In the Atheros AR5BWB222 Wireless Network Adapter Properties,I  unchecked the box in the Property Management tab which read Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.


1b. Made sure airplane mode was in off position.

1c. Forget exactly where I did this, but made sure settings in another ? location were set at "Maximum Performance."

2. Checked that firmware is up to date on my network router, with security set to WPA 2-PSK (AES).

3. Searched through many forums to read responses of folks upgrading to Windows 10 with WiFi issues--seems this is widespread problem, though no one has said WiFi signal loss was intermittent, as is my laptop's. Internet hits for my searches also show WiFi issues occurred in the past for installs of Windows 8. (So far have not come across mentions of WiFi issues for past installs of Windows 7).

4. While exploring my laptop, I came across a page of Microsoft Updates--SEE ATTACHED. I was surprised to note that these updates are released quite frequently over the course of a day. For example 10 separate updates between 4:24 PM and 11:30 PM on Aug 1 and 18 separate updates between 12:06 AM and 3:57 PM on Aug 2.  Am including part of the record of updates for August 1 and August 2. I am aware that Microsoft uses my WiFi to AUTOMATICALLY download updates. Is it possible that this intermittent  download of updates cause the intermittent  interruptions of the WiFi??

5. This afternoon, when the WiFi was not working for Windows 10. I reinstalled as a dual boot, Ubuntu 14.04. I had no difficulty connecting to WiFi from Ubuntu.

Have not yet:

1. I have not yet tried connecting the laptop via Ethernet cable to my router during one of these WiFi outages.

2. My ISP is a VOIP/Internet setup, using one Westell and one Cisco router. I have not considered if they might be a cause of the problem.

3. I read on one forum that someone fixed their WiFi connection issue by changing their router security setting to include TKIP


NOTE: I may need to put attachment of screen grab of Windows 10 updates in a separate email reply to this post as this post is not accepting the attachment.

Would appreciate any comments or suggestions. Thanks in advance.

I shall likely also put this out on a Windows 10 forum elsewhere.



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  • DaisyDuck99DaisyDuck99 Posts: 7
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    FYI, this worked for me, finally a solution!

    Strangest thing--I uninstalled the Atheros driver. Did NOT reinstall it. After I uninstalled Atheros driver, a right screen Windows 10 style panel immediately appeared--either on notifications panel or in WiFi settings page, was sleepy, don't remember which--containing a labeled entry box for my wifi password. I entered the password and boom, the wifi worked. It's been working since.

    Again thanks. Will mark solved.

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