Aspire E 15 Es1-511 Touchpad not working on Windows 10

Jems Member Posts: 2 New User

On Thurday 30th July, I downloaded Windows 10 from the official Microsoft website and installed it on my acer.

After start up I realised that the touchpad was not working at all, I use my wireless mouse with my laptop because I use it a lot for gaming, the mouse works fine but the touchpad just isn't responding :/

I've installed both drivers for the touchpad from the official website and still no change Smiley Sad Does anyone have advice? 

Thanks Smiley Happy


  • JordanB
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    The thread in link below is for a different model, but I think they installed the chipset driver for their computer to get it working.  Obviously you would only want to use the drivers for your specific model (and not theirs).


    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • mdaubney
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    I spent hours figuring this one out. In the BIOS you need to change the touchpad option from Advanced to Basic and it will start working again. Apparently a special driver (called "I2C HID Driver") needs to be installed for it to work in advanced mode after the upgrade. I haven't figured out how to get the driver yet but eventually I will. To get into BIOS, reboot and keep hitting F2 until the bios screen pops up.


    Installing the ELAN driver doesn;t make any difference if it can't see the touchpad in the first place.


    I normally turn off the touchpad and use a mouse anyway but I don't always carry a mouse with me so it is inconvenient not to have the touchpad.


    Hope this helps.


  • Jems
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    Sounds like they'll both work, I'll give them a go Smiley Very Happy

    Where do I find the Advanced Touchpad option in BIOS?


    Thanks both Smiley Happy


  • mdaubney
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    It's under Main, second item from the bottom. Just set it to Basic.


    NOTE: Windows 10 automatically installed the latest ELAN driver, it magically appeared when I checked my Mouse properties. It is more up to date than the one on the Acer site.