Acer Aspire V5 112p Slowness Resolution Guide

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This is to help guide for those who have the Acer Aspire V5 122p AMD A4 and A6 models. (Tips in this post may work for other Acer Aspire V5 models which may be Intel based models are an exception.


Please ensure your computer is connected to a charging cable and any important updates from Windows Update are installed before you complete these steps.


Those who own a V5 122p model of the Aspire series may experience some performance issues such as lag. Here is a detailed guide to improve the performace of this device, Intel based V5 122P are an exception certain steps in this guide.


Change the Anti Virus:


-Mcafee has become a common issue which causes performance issues on this device, you may wish to uninstall the Mcafee software via Programmes and Features found within the control panel after unistallation you may be required to restart for computer.


Mcafee usually doesn't unnistall from the device completely thus continues to run processes in the background. To solve this go to


File Explorer, Click your Hardrive, Select file 'Programme Files X86' locate and delete the two Mcafee files. 

Other bloatware, most new computers come with additional programmes you may not use, This is optional. I advise to keep all Acer Related programmes for best userbility of the computer. 



AMD Driver Update:


Devices running AMD A4 and A6 will require an update. 


Go to and select 'Find Your Driver', This will prompt you to download the Driver Finder



Proceed and install the software. Once installed and running the Find your Driver software, follow the prompts to detect you driver and install the latest driver software update.



BIOS Update:


Your Acer Aspire will require a BIOS update, you can find the BIOS update here.


Go to 


You can search for your model by Searching Acer Asipre V5 122p or imputing your model SN (Seriel Number) which is found on big sticker on the bottom of your device. Once selected it will show you what is downloadable, Select BIOS from the options and download the latest BIOS update from Acer which is currently,


BIOSAcerBIOS2.123.2 MB2014/07/24



You should find that your Aspire Aspire V5 122p performance improved.