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Touchpad drivers not working on VN7-791G-7484

emeybeeemeybee Posts: 1Member



I just bought a refurbished VN7-791G direct from Acer. It only has a generic mouse driver installed for the trackpad, called "HID-compliant mouse". The multi-touch gestures don't work with this driver and the trackpad is ridiculously sensitive, so I need to install the real driver. I looked here on acer.com and it shows the Synaptic driver for this model (VN7-791G). When I tried to install it, first it gave a generic error and wouldn't process. So I googled and read that Synaptic doesn't sign their drivers correctly so you have to restart Windows allowing unsigned drivers in order to install it. So I did that, then it said "Not needed (No device for update present)" and wouldn't install. So then I downloaded the drivers directly from the Synaptic website, which were oddly an earlier version. Those I finally got to install, but once it did, the track pad stopped working completely and Device Manager said "insufficient system resources exist to complete the api". So I uninstalled that and am back to the generic one.


I really don't want to return this because I've already gotten rid of my other one and I work from home, so I can't be without a computer. But this trackpad is basically unusable as-is. Just in typing this message it has moved my cursor to random places at least 5 times, even though my hands are a full inch above the trackpad. It is just way too sensitive.


I just need to know what drivers to download. The trackpad's hardware ID in Device Manager is "HID\VID_06CB&PID_2970&REV_0008&Col01". Please help.

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  • GuruAid-CSGuruAid-CS Posts: 467Member

    As you have bought the laptop from Acer just recently, you are advised to visit nearest Acer service center for assistance. To do this, the following link can be helpful:


    Hope this will help you.

  • dodydody Posts: 3Member New User

    I have a similar issue with the touchpad. In my case, the scroll gesture is very bad. It took too much distance for a two finger gesture to be detected as scroll, and once it's on scroll mode, the scroll itself was too slow, only scrolling a few lines before my fingers hit the edge of the touchpad, rendering it useless. 


    Also noticed, as you were, that the touchpad was being detected as mouse, not touchpad. I will look for a proper driver for this device and get back with the findings.

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