DIY : Replacing SWITCH 10 HDD

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(sorry for the not really academic English, this is not my native language)


I dissassembled my newly bought Switch 10 to check if the HDD is replaceable. Good news, it is.


First, you have to unscrew all cross-head screws on the back of the keyboard, do not forget to remove the rubber piece to unhide 2 screws.

So, you'll be able to dissassemble the two main part of the keyboard.









Victory ! We can see the HDD !




4 screws attached te HDD to the chassis...


Unscrew these one




And these last two one




Now, the HDD is nearly released, there is only one proprietary cable to remove :




Gently emove the black tape




You can see that the HDD is standard :




Now you have disconnected the HDD from the cable, you can install your new HDD/SSD




My Samsung 850EVO installed




You will notice that thet keyboard is in fact a USB hub, let see how the HDD is recognized :




Hope it will help :-)


  • jeevone
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    What happens when I undock the tablet part? Does the HDD suddenly lose power? Also do you see scope to fit some lithium batteries inside?
  • obelix1972
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    You should prepare the USB device to be removed  as power is cut as soon as the keyboard is removed.


    I'm pretty sure there isn't enough room to adapt a battery in the keyboard.

  • jeevone
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    Just a thought.. Is the keyboard dock actually corresponding to a USB connection?
    Could we potentially use an aftermarket usb charger on that usb port?
    Obelix, since you have opened the keyboard, how about opening the tablet back cover to photograph the layout?
  • obelix1972
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    You mean opening the tablet itself ? 


    Have a look at this video : (In Russian but images are talking :-) )

  • dawit30
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    hi there, i own acer switch 10e, i wanted to add an hdd,just like you did, i would like to get detaled information reguarding the connection you used between the hdd and the keyboard docks chip....i can hardly see it from the pics you posted.....(thank you for the post bzwy)....any suggestions from anyone will be appreciated,thankyou.

  • Ayrton
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    Great post! I am struggling to remove the rubber strip under the keyboard without damaging the case - any help here would be much appreciated.

    Thanks! Smiley Very Happy