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Disable the "camera on" and "camera off" message

I bought a new AZ3-600 AIO running WIndows 8.1 and noticed a couple new "features" I hadn't seen before that I'd like to get rid of.  The first is a text icon reading "camera on" whenever the camera turns on, and likewise, "camera off" whent it turns off.  Is there a way I can disable this?  It's distracting, and I already have the light  near the camera to tell me when it's on or off.


Thanks for any tips on how to do this!



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  • Acer-BlaynAcer-Blayn Administrator Posts: 2,346 Community Administrator

    I'm not exactly sure what may be causing that. It could be a program called Acer Quick Access that allows you to manage hardware and software components. Try going to the start screen and typing "quick access" and launch the quick access program if it is present. See if there is an option in that program to enable or disable the camera notifications.

  • yoyoma2yoyoma2 Member Posts: 4

    I'm getting the same exact problem with an acer Aspire XC-703 running Windows 10.  There is no camera on the system just a video capture device which triggers the "Camera On","Camera Off" messages.


    Has anyone figured out where these messages come from and how to get rid of them?




    PS. All acer apps have been uninstalled so there is no "acer quick access"

  • JuKuJuKu Member Posts: 2

    Found it! (only took about half a day...) This is Windows and it uses the message when it thinks there is no LED indicator on the machine. Run regedit, search for NoPhysicalCameraLED entry.

    1 = Message, no LED light

    0 = No message (yay!), LED on.


    The LED is much less annoying, and I can mask it with a piece of tape if I want to.



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