Aspire E1-510-2669 Boot, Read, RAM and hacking??? issues.

jesuispcjesuispc Member Posts: 3 New User

My 6-month-old Aspire E1-510-2669 has SLOWED down without reason that I can find given that I have Mcafee virus protection?
The problem is two fold:
1. Software such as Word, Excel, Acrobat Reader now take MINUTES to load or allow editing. I have deleted, downloaded and reinstalled software, to no avail. As well, the system now loads 2 pages of software at a time, a blank page and the one I wish to work in.
2. Internet speed now seems to operate at dial-up level if you know or remember what that was?
Is this a BOOT or RAM issue?
How can I fix it?

A separate issue - or maybe this is connected - is that I have noticed that lines of Chinese? characters appear at the top of my screen. Is this bad programming of this machine? Hacking? I am unable to take a screen shot or copy the text in order to run through a universal translator to understand what the characters mean.

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