How do I disassemble my Acer Aspire V3 571-9890?

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I just bought a an Acer Aspire V3 Model# 571-9890 and immediately i noticed that it doesn't have a backlit keyboard. This can become very troublesome. I want to disassemble this laptop and replace it with (possibly) a keyboard that i can order off Acer that will be compatible and be backlit. How would i go about doing this? I've searched all over and i can't seem to find any videos, forums, or even support manuels that will guide me through dissasembling this laptop. If anyone would be as kind to help, it would be greatly appreciated.


Also, I am wondering if there is someway I can swap out the graphics card for a better one? The graphics card on this laptop is Intel HD 4000 and is rated a 4.7 on the W.E.I. I am aware that i would need to find a compatible motherboard (Maybe? Read this somewhere.) Or, find the right graphics card. The question is, which graphics card, or motherboard, would be compatible with this Acer Aspire V3 571-9890? Or where can i go about figuring it out on my own?


Again, thank you very much for your time.


  • Tommy-Acer
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    We do not provide disassembly instructions.


    It would be suggested that you purchase the product with the features that you desire, rather than attempting to replace components on your own.

  • Osmanny
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    So will you give me my money back for the laptop i already wasted my money on then? Because, it's not so easy just to buy another laptop "With the features" as you say. I don't even understand why Acer would make laptops without illuminated keys. Thanks.

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