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C720 screen stays black, blue light on but no fan

howdenbikerhowdenbiker Posts: 3Member
edited November 2017 in Chromebooks

Our C720 is just over a year old, when we open the lid th escreen stays black, there appears no noise from the fan either.  There is a blue light on the front and another blue light if we put the charger in.


Tried the reset by pressing the power button down but nothing still.


This appears to be a problem with Chromebooks?


Can anyone help?


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  • billseybillsey Posts: 6,106ACE Pathfinder

    The blue light is saying the battery is fully charged, so we know at least that portion of the hardware is working. Have you tried the 'press the power button for 30 seconds' thing? This should do a forced power down, just in case it's actually sleeping after biting into Snow White's apple. Smiley Happy


    If that doesn't help you might have a hardware issue with the power button itself. We can test that by trying to boot into developer mode (the same place you would use to reset the OS). Press and hold the ESC key and the Refresh key then while holding them press the power button. If that shows you something on the screen let us know and we'll look at what else to do.


    You might also be looking at a hardware issue with the screen. If the screen isn't working you could still boot, just with a black screen. If that's the case you should have the blue light go to amber after a bit as the battery starts to discharge. If the light stays blue with the power disconnected then the system itself isn't starting...

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  • howdenbikerhowdenbiker Posts: 3Member

    Could you remind me which is the refresh button.



  • billseybillsey Posts: 6,106ACE Pathfinder

    Circle arrow, fourth from the left. Smiley Happy

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  • howdenbikerhowdenbiker Posts: 3Member

    Thank you, I'll try tomorrow and let you know

  • envy270envy270 Posts: 1Member


    I have a 720P and it was working in the evening and this morning when I am trying to use I see only black screen. This is what I tried.


    1. Escape and Refresh and Power button - Black screen

    2. Hold Power button for 30 seconds and nothing happend. - Black screen


    When I press the power button. The Blue LED is lit for few seconds and goes away. I tried the power button with charger attached still the same behaviour.


    Please help me.


    Thanks for your time.

  • allanhallanh Posts: 4Member

    I'm experiencing a similar issue with several of our C720 Chromebooks. 


    When opening the lid to turn on the Chromebook, the blue light turns on, but the screen remains black.  Attempting a hard reset with Reload-Power does nothing.  Using Esc-Reload-Power combination does send it into developer mode, at which point, we are able to reboot the device and begin using it as normal.  However, after closing the lid again and reopening it, the device goes back to the black screen state and does not turn on.  


    We have attempted doing a Powerwash to restore the system, but this does not seem to fix the problem.  Short of a USB restore, are there any other suggestions?


    Thanks in advance!

  • khenleykhenley Posts: 3Member
    Having the same problem, the screen is black but the blue light signalling the c720 is awake. ... whats happened and how can I get the screen images back?
  • allanhallanh Posts: 4Member

    So after doing a USB restore with the Chromebook Recovery Utility, the problem appears to have been resolved.  I followed the steps laid out here: https://support.google.com/chromebook/answer/1080595


    So far, the problem has not reoccurred.  However, the Utility only downloads the latest version of ChromeOS.  Due to specific educational requirements, we need to be on a previous version.  Per Google Support, the only way to do this is to create an image from another computer and then load that on to the USB to be restored.


    I hope this helps someone else in a similar situation.

  • allanhallanh Posts: 4Member

    khenley wrote:
    Having the same problem, the screen is black but the blue light signalling the c720 is awake. ... whats happened and how can I get the screen images back?

    what happens when you boot to recovery by pressing the Esc & Reload & Power buttons at the same time?

  • khenleykhenley Posts: 3Member
    The blue light on the left flashes but the screen stays black
  • allanhallanh Posts: 4Member

    I'd contact Support and see if you can send it in for servicing if it's still under warranty.



  • khenleykhenley Posts: 3Member
    Thankyou very much for the advice, will most likely be doing that
  • mbuteynmbuteyn Posts: 4Member New User

    Old thread, but I thought I'd post for others that come this way.


    I work on a large deployment of the C720s and handle repairs in house. The advice below will void warranties.


    The most common factors in backlight are the cable to the display being not properly seated.  The majority of the time it's the end that plugs in to the panel and not the motherboard end.


    Usually I see the chrome logo with no backlight, this time I never saw the chrome logo during boot, but the backlight would be on.  I hooked it to a monitor via HDMI and confirmed that it booted. Pressing ctrl plus the maximize key will switch between mirror and extend.


    The connectors are held on by tape, which works most of the time, but if it's not really tight then the connector comes loose in a fall or bump.  Frequently you can see an image but no backlight.  When I opened it up the cable into the panel was not completely seated.  I removed the tape, reseated it and reapplied the tape.  All was well.



  • DesertshoresDesertshores Posts: 5Member


    My dead screen odyssey:

    My daughter’s Acer C720 display went black. I connected her computer to a HDMI input on my flat screen TV.   (This is a good  test to see if the computer itself was working.)  Everything looked good,but I could not get the Acer display to work.  of course tried everything I found on Google for solving the problem including: (esc, refresh, power key) brightness key, etc.,  While hooked to my tv via the HDMI cable.  I tried “Power Wash” , ” Reset” system. (found under “Advanced Settings”).  No change, screen still black.  Then I downloaded an Acer C720 System Restore from the Google App Store.  The system restore was easy, just follow directions.  Still no display.  I am thinking I am seriously screwed and the display itself is broken.   Still another shot from the old days:  I opened the case and disconnected the battery for a “hardware” reset.  Still nothing.  I then decided to check out the possibility of replacing the display.  I found several sellers on Amazon that sell them for ~$40.

    I then looked at a Youtube video showing how to replace a cracked screen.  I decided I should try to see if I could actually remove the screen before ordering a replacement.  Following the Youtube instructions I managed to open the display.  I inspected the wiring, did not see anything wrong.

    So, repackaged the display module.  Why reassembling the display I must have accidently hit the power switch, because the Acer booted up and voila!  The display was back to normal!

    I can only conclude that one of connectors or wiring had been disturbed.  So far so good, the display seems stable even when I shake the computer.  I hope this helps someone!

  • focadimafocadima Posts: 3Member

    I also work with a "fleet" of acer c720s. It is the begining of year 2 for us. I have a few Chromebooks in house that the power lights work and indicate that it is on however the screens are black. I have tried to re attach  the edp to the screen ( a common issue we have here) the screen is totally black NOT very dim. 


    any advice?- I have tried a new edp cable, a new screen...

    I have NOT tried HDMI cord to powerwash and re enroll ( the chromebooks are managed by the school) 

  • nichok43nichok43 Posts: 2Member



    This happened to me today. I did everything except for throwing it at the wall. The only thing that stopped me was, I tried one last thing. I connected the Chromebook to an external monitor via the HDMI port. The screen came on.


    Luckily I have recently replaced the screen on this Chromebook so I knew what to do. If you are unsure,

    1 you need to take the screen bezel off. (can be very fiddly. YouTube has videos on how to do all the relevant steps)

    2 remove the screws holding the screen in place

    3 remove the connect to the screen and plug ii back in again (Chromebook must be powered on at the point)


    This worked for me

  • mlg_terriblemlg_terrible Posts: 1Member

    I have this iisue but only when i try to boot up windows 8.1 and windows 10. I am going to try windows 7 but other wise do u know a way to boot up normally


  • EmilyLewisEmilyLewis Posts: 1Member

    I tried holding the power button for 30 seconds and the chromebook started to turn on (shows the chrome symbol) and then goes black again. I also tried starting in developer mode and it flashed white and then went black again. Any suggestions?

  • Wajahat786Wajahat786 Posts: 2Member
    Sir my Chrome worked but when i trun off its not starting again i put charger blue light only showing but when i press power button.. my Chrome not starting... Plz sir help
  • Wajahat786Wajahat786 Posts: 2Member
    Plz Help my Chrome not working
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