Aspire E15 laptop touchpad not working

Could someone just tell me how to get my Acer Aspire E15 laptop (E5-571P-55TL) touchpad working again?  It worked when I began using it in January and now does not, and I have been checking the FAQs and spent hours also looking for and downloading user guide info which did not help (maybe I did not EXTRACT it correctly, haha, sigh).  The little mousepad or touchpad below the physical keyboard. 


I use Google Chrome, not Internet Explorer, by the way, and not the Microsoft Account login stuff, which is messing me up too, as first I had to create a password to login to my laptop,then apparently it wants me to create and use another password and login email, which apparently I did once after some problems with it,and now I cannot get it to let me login OR send me a forgotten password for Microsoft Account.  It wants to call me at a number whose last 2 digits displayed are not mine!  Arghhh.  Some of us are not tech savvy, I realize, but some technology is ridiculousy illogical or anti-user-friendly.  Thanks for any advice.  2/11/15 and thanks for your detailed expanations, Sosee, I appreciate the details



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