wifi cuts off when lan is plugged in laptop ?

smitty123smitty123 Member Posts: 35 Enthusiast

hello all,


i just noticed sometimes my wifi gets cut off after i plug a lan cable in my aspire E1 572


is this a feature or a bug ?


if its a feature is there a setting/registry hack/anything to prevent that ?

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  • Hi Smitty,

    Its not a Bug, its a Feature,. Ethernet has priority over wifi & if connected Ethernet takes over,. its not that the Wifi is disabled,. the way out is you could disable the Ethernet adpater from adapter settings,.
  • smitty123smitty123 Member Posts: 35 Enthusiast

    hmm, that's weird. is it a windows 8.1 feature or an acer added feature ?

    its really bothersome, i have 2 networks i want to be connected to at the same time. one for lan, one for internet.

    how do i make sure both stay on ?

  • IronFlyIronFly ACE Posts: 18,413 Trailblazer

    have you tried to set IP manually, giving DNS and gateway only to the web connection?

    are the IP ranges different from the 2 networks?


    by the way i suspect that Acer had added a BIOS limitation on having both connection available. 



    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • Hi,

    Its a windows feature,. As Ironfly suggested, you could setup your LAN for Intranet & Wifi as its already connected could be used for Internet,. Cheers.
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