Acer Aspire 5334 video driver problem

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My kid's Acer Aspire 5443 was working well for years, then she "cleaned things up" or ran Windows update & the problems started with video.  I could not resolve Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit crashing.  The best I get after system reload to factory default, basic VGA.  As soon as updates are detected and applied to the Display adapters, it flashes to black /distorted screen when Windows opens, then locks up, usually with a message that the adapter detected an issue & recovered- everything frozen.  Device manager shows two instances of the Mobile Intel (R) 45 express Chipset Family MS Corp- WDDM 1.1.


  I have updated the bios to v1.06 & vga bios to v1800, ran Windows Update, tried to find/load Intel GMA 4500M drivers, install intel chipset updates, all to the same effect- it locks.  I delete one instance of the device, same thing.  The only thing I can do so far is to disable the Display adapters.  The latest driver at Acer do not fix it either.  Wazzup with that?

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  • Hello,


    Have you tried to connect your laptop to an external monitor or a LCD TV in using the VGA or HDMI port?

    [Fn]+[F5] - Display toggle: Switches display output between the display screen, external monitor (if connected) and both.

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    Have you tried to install this driver (Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family):


    Intel GMA driver

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    I have not used an external, it only detects the primary, but can't identify it in VGA mode (Default Monitor on).  I did install the Intel GMA driver- v, no diference, still freezes on initial Windows desktop load.

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    What the heck, I load the exact same GMA driver I loaded before & it worked!  I surmise that there was some sort of conflict with another update.  The only difference I made was to disable the Windows Update optional update when running Windows Update util.Smiley Happy

  • 1- Uninstall the actual display driver.

    2- The machine will reboot and pass in VGA mode.

    3- Install the Intel driver indicated in my previous reply (Intel website).



    The chipset is a Mobile Intel GL40 Express.

  • Personally I disable automatic windows update.