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very long bios update time

need fast help. E5 571g, saw a new bios 1.14 in acer site, tried to install - windows phase went quick, restarted into simple instaler, went quick, and then screen turned black and cooling to full power, already 9 hours in this stage, what do i do?

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  • notoucheschebranotoucheschebra Posts: 2Member

    Ok, so after 1 more hour of waiting, i just shut down laptop, then turned it on, screen was turned off, but after smashing some hotkeys a few times(change monitor / turn light on/off) and it works, and bios shows version 1.14 Smiley Very Happy I thought it was dead already ... Why did it happen, why laptop stayed at that stage for infinite amount of time ? You should at least warn users that about what can happen with your buggy bios updates, i could have did the same 10 hours ago, because i think that the last stage with 100% cooling was just a bios updater failing to restart laptop... I did update bios once before to 1.11 or 1.09, what was the latest version before 1.14, and it went quick - ~1min, and everything went just fine, so didnt think anything bad about this update, too, but from now on...



    I relaunched windows experience index, and it looks like it is finaly able to use geforce card instead of intel graphics.

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