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Acer Aspire E15 limited internet connectivity issues Wifi


Just bought an Acer Aspire E15 and have been setting it up today and managed to get connected to the internet through the wi-fi however I have noticed that the wifi keeps dropping and leaves me with nothing and then I have to manually go in and select the router again. This is happening all the time, I am on the internet for no longer than 2 mins before I get the unable to access the network. There is no problem with the network it just seems to be my new laptop. I looked this up and was told to change the power management settings and did so and am still have the same problem. I also updated the driver and again am still having the problem. Also tried ipconfig /flushdns and again the problem persists!!

Please can someone help me!!!

Many Thanks


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  • RyanrrRyanrr Posts: 831Member



    I'm sorry to hear that you are unable to keep a connection. I would like to make a suggestion of just trying another network to see if the problem persists. There could be a router/configuration conflict. You can also try doing a reset to the router to see if that helps as well if you have not already. If the problem persists, you can contact our technical support group for further assistance.

  • zeitoxzeitox Posts: 1Member

    I have the exact same issue, all other laptops and phones/tv connects to the wireless whit no issues but this aspire e-15 dont manage to keep the connection. i have tryed all drivers on the acer site, changed the powersettings to the networkcard, tryed default windows driver.  changed wireless settings on the ruter. and nothing have helped so far. it feels like the wireless on this pc dont work at all. if im not finding the solution for the issue soon im returning this because it have only brought me aggony trying to get it to work...

  • KenzoKenzo Posts: 10Member

    Hi !

    I am sorry to tell you that it is also the case for my part (in France, it is a real international issue !^^)

    If anyone of you have solved this, do not hesitate to tell us,

    I'll do the same if I find the solution (hope it won't have to be returned to the "Repair/Fix Department"



  • kylling123kylling123 Posts: 1Member

    I got the same problem as well! Have called acer 2 times, reinstalled the drivers for the networkcards, reset my pc to factory settings and all that **bleep**, but still it wont work. I have had to manualy reconnect my WIFI 6 times just to create an account on the acer community. This is without doubt the most **bleep**ty pc i have ever had.. No one seems to have the soulution to the problem.

  • KenzoKenzo Posts: 10Member

    Hi ! Thank you for replying and being another witness of this issue...

    Do you think we can talk with a professionnal from Acer in order to lead him read this thread and eventually get a comercial gesture ?


    What did they say to you ? It was not the fault of Acer I assume ?^^

  • HughLHughL Posts: 2Member

    Same issue.

    ACER Aspire E25 TouchéE5-571P-59QA

    Bought it Xmas in 2014 and it has been used for 5 month only. Not only the speed is running slow but WIFI connection has been always disconnected every 10-20 mins. I have to restarted computer to solve the connection problem.

    Really headache.....

  • annethoannetho Posts: 9Member

    I had this problem for a couple years. I tried all the internet tips like power settings, updated the driver etc. The power thing did help with disconnections but it was still horrbly slow.  Finally edited the wifi adapter settings on the laptop and now it works properly for the first time.  It may not work for you but might be worth a try. Good luck.


    1. Control Panel / System / Device Manager / Network adapters
    2. Qualcomm Atheros AR 956x Wireless Network Adapter
    3. Right click / properties / advanced
    4. Changed 3 settings:
    5. Receive buffers to 512
    6. Ensure transmit buffers are also 512
    7. Scan valid changed to 120
    8. Wireless mode selection changed from 5 to 4 (don't need b)
    9. Save and close
    10. Restart if no change 
    11. Next solution if no change
  • KenzoKenzo Posts: 10Member

    Hi Annetho !


    Thank you for your return of experience !

    However, I have a Broadcom Wireless Adapter and the parameters are not the same...

    Do you have an idea of how I could deal with this problem ?

  • annethoannetho Posts: 9Member

    The settings for yours are quite different.  Here is a nice write up about them. You can try to change and then roll back if they don't help.  While in there, when you right click on the broadcomm, choose update driver just in case if you haven't done it lately.




  • Louisa_LordLouisa_Lord Posts: 2Member

    I'm having the same issue with this laptop. Tried all the tips but it won't stay connected longer than about 30 seconds. It's constantly reconnecting and dropping. The same thing happened at my boyfriend's house and my Nan's. I'm actually pretty furious that a brand new laptop can be so broken and no one have any solution for it. It's too late to even take this back now. 


    Has there been any progress in solving this at all?


    [inappropriate content removed]

  • annethoannetho Posts: 9Member

    You have a valid complaints as this should not be such a pain. If its new you can always ask for a fresh one in case you have a lemon among lemons. 


     It sounds like you have the power problem where it turns off the wireless adapter automatically according to power options. Have you carefully checked the control panel power settings? Also, depending on the adapter you may need to update the driver, you probably already tried but try again since mine had a new driver recently. I know you've already tried it but here it is again if you want to have another go.



    control panel / small icons (if necessary) / power options / choose or customize a plan / -> Choose high performance

    Then click to the right on change plan settings
    change advanced power settings / wireless adapter settings / power savings mode / for both battery AND plugged in / Maximum Performance 

    Check other settings in advanced power such as hard disk turn off frequency, java script timer frequency, graphics settings and set them for longer timeout or max performance.

    / ok / ok etc... / reboot


    Driver update:

    control panel/system/device manager/network adapters/wireless adapter/right click/ update driver



    Good luck. 

  • Louisa_LordLouisa_Lord Posts: 2Member

    Apologies for being rude in my last comment. I was just severely frustrated. The laptop works with an ethernet cable plugged in so that makes things a little easier.


    The things you suggested are everything I've tried to fix it. It's still dropping the connection within seconds of connecting. I'm going to take it back to where it was bought but I don't have high hopes for my PC Worlds talents at fixing things.


    Thanks for the suggestions though.

  • myleez0myleez0 Posts: 16Member
    1. try to update notebook driver and router firmware
    2. try unplug power and replug for router
    3. set router 2.4G and 5G using the different SSID
    4. try to coneect 2.4G only(becuase some devices is still uncompatible in 5G) 
  • annethoannetho Posts: 9Member

    My problem returned after a few days. No idea why it even worked at all.  I ended up removing AVG antivirus and enabling the native windows defender. It probably isn't as secure but at this point I don't care. This has been going on for ages. So far it is behaving well. Normal load times for pages. I'm hoping this fix stays.


    Good luck to all.

  • KenzoKenzo Posts: 10Member

    Hi Annetho !

    When you say "returned", you mean that you do not have this issue anymore ?

    Because I have tried the "Uninstalling Avast" (not AVG) solution... it seems to permit the issue disparition for me too !!


    Was it the professionnal version for you too ?

    Now, which antivirus do you use ?


    (I won't use the word "victory" for the moment... I expect to see the "limited connectivity" appear in few minutes...^^)

  • KenzoKenzo Posts: 10Member

    Fail... connexion... disconnexion... Smiley Mad

  • annethoannetho Posts: 9Member
    By returned I meant the problem returned and that is why I removed the antivirus. It is still going well for me. if yours doesn't respond to any of the fixes you can purchase a usb wifi adapter for ~$50, that's what I was going to do next. Good luck.
  • KenzoKenzo Posts: 10Member

    Ok ! Good point for you if the problem returned ! Smiley Happy

    I see that we are on the same point when you say that I ahve to buy a WiFi adapter : when I am very next a router, it goes well (and "far" means 3-4 meters^^)


    We agree on the fact that it is a material problem ? Guarentee should be used ?

  • annethoannetho Posts: 9Member

    I tried it with a cable and the same thing happens so it must be either the anti virus,  operating system or the laptop. It is worst when windows updates are pending. If I still had a guarantee I'd use it and get a different model. 


  • anglicananglican Posts: 1Member

    I had the same problem and found a good solution:


    1. Control Panel / System / Device Manager / Network adapters
    2. YOUR Wireless Network Adapter
    3. Right click / properties / Power Management

      Uncheck the box “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”. That should do the job. Helped me.

    Good Luck

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