Touchpad is not working and receiving I2C-HID error. What should i do? My laptop is Aspire E15.

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I just have my laptop for a month and my touchpad does not work after it wakes up from sleep. And now i have an error about I2C_HID that is not working. What should i do? Please help


  • vvprad
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    Please let us know the correct model number or you may reinstall the touchpad driver from the recovery manager.


    Here are the steps:


    Press and hold the Windows key and then press the C key to open Charms.

    Click on Search and type "Recovery".

    Click on 'Gateway Recovery Management'.

    Select Reinstall Drivers or Applications.

    Select Content and choose the touchpad driver and proceed to install it.


  • Mynk
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    I'm having the same problem here.. I bought this laptop about 1 month ago and the model is an Aspire E 15 E5-571-36ZV

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    I had the same problem on my new Acer V15. After much searching and trial and error I found out it's a conflict based on the bios and how Windows 8.1 works. The chat help was no luck.


    Plug your laptop in and go to the Accer support website. Dowloand the latest bios updates from the downloads/drivers section.. You must be plugged in to run the bios update Also go to Windows updates on your computer and see if there are any Intel or other Microsoft updates that are optional. Downloand and install those as well. 

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    Do you think that this problem will be solved with the windows update to Windows10?

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    Mine is Aspire V11 Touch,12mths old Win8.1 and laptop lost the touchpad (no cursor at all) on resuming after hibernating. Connecting a mouse worked OK. Think it's a Windows 8.1 issue as in  Device Manager, Properties for the  12c-HID device (showing a ? query) the MSoft drivers were correct (2006) and 'working properly.' Turning touchpad on or off using function keys didn't work, decided to remove the device altogether in Device Manager (If I was wrong, then surely MSoft would install on reboot) however the touchpad returned and so fixed the problem.

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    "Gateway Recovery Management". What the What????