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Keys on C710 Keyboard Not Working (Chromebook, C710-2833)

christchrist Member Posts: 4



I purchased three refurbished C710-2833 Chromebooks from Groupon in September 2013. Just got to opening the third box since it was intended to be a backup of either of the other two if they failed. Well, one of the other two failed (human error; c'est la vie) and as 'luck' would have it, the third does not function as it should.


14 months later, I am clearly beyond the 90-day warranty period. The third device, when first attempting to log in to my Google account, wouldn't recognize some of the keys I pressed. I plugged in a USB keyboard to log in, and tested the onboard keyboard in a new Google Drive document. The keys that are broken are (or at least, seem) random.


With that said, I have the following questions:

  1. Has anyone else experienced this same issue with (seemingly) random, broken keys? If so, did you fix it, and how?
  2. Is there a schematic/layout for the keyboard assembly (might help me understand why these seemingly random keys don't work)?
  3. Acer, will you send me a new Chromebook?
    ^ (the Hail Mary / 'never-know-unless-you-ask' type of question)


OK, thanks in advance for your help!



-- Chris T.

FAQ & Answers

  • philetusphiletus ACE Posts: 4,428 Pathfinder

    Have you considered Reinstalling the O/S? 


  • christchrist Member Posts: 4

    I read a bit about that here, but couldn't find a direct solution on the Acer community (or anywhere, for that matter) to connect hardware issues with a corrupt OS. I'll try that and let you know how it goes. Thanks!

  • Acer-CoryAcer-Cory Administrator Posts: 1,449 Community Administrator

    Hi christ,


    It could be as simple as a bad keyboard, or the connection to the keyboard not being good. It could be as complicated as an issue with the MB. While I don't have documents showing the disassembly of the C710 to share, it is just removing the uppercase which has a cable connected to the MB. Here are the part numbers of KB and Uppercase if it helps.







    Our Acer store can help you purchase these in the US and Canada @ http://store.acer.com


    Hope this helps,

  • christchrist Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for the info, Cory. I plan on putting the machine back together tomorrow, and trying a fresh install of CrOS. If the issue isn't fixed, I may be looking into a new keyboard assy through the Acer store. Thanks again. -- Chris T.
  • christchrist Member Posts: 4

    Cory, do you have a direct link to the keyboard assembly in the Acer store? Only replacement parts I can find are on 3rd party sites.  -- Chris T.

  • philetusphiletus ACE Posts: 4,428 Pathfinder

    You can request a quote and place an order from your Acer store in using the customer service form.

    In the form:

    1- You select in "Please Select a Subject: Other"

    2- In "Describe the Problem:", you indicate the S/N of the laptop.

    3- Example:

        "Price request for the following spare parts:

         - P/N, description

         - Etc"


    You'll receive a quote by mail (pdf document). You can also phone them.

  • Acer-CoryAcer-Cory Administrator Posts: 1,449 Community Administrator

    Yup, philetus nailed it.

  • martid83martid83 Member Posts: 1

    MY ACER 710 "M" key isn't working.   Is it possible to clean and replace the key, or do I have to replace the whole keyboard?


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