How to upgrade RAM on Aspire E5-571P?

FiroKun Member Posts: 2

Today I bought a new Acer Aspire E5, and in the store the dependent tell me that RAM is upgradable through an additional empty memory slot available inside the laptop. But, how I can upgrade it? I mean, in the back of the laptop I don't see any compartment or cover to remove for access the RAM slots... So, how I can access to the additional empty slot and upgrade the RAM?


Thanks in advance!

The lap is an Acer Aspire E5-571P-52QK

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  • ctdude
    ctdude Member Posts: 2

    Hi, this is my first post and I'm already helping someone!

    I am currently looking to expand my RAM.


    Here is a link in this site:


    here is a link on youtube showing access and removal.  its not easy.  Acer have made this particularly difficut.

    Acer E5-571 RAM removal (not in English, but screw removal is international)


    Hope this helps.

    Cheers, Chris.


  • FiroKun
    FiroKun Member Posts: 2

    Hi, thanks for the reply! It brings some light to the matter. Now, I see that exactly, the RAM is upgradable on E15's nice to hear that directly!

    So, now my questions are about the slots available and the particular SO-DIMM modules I need to buy for upgrade the laptop.

    In AIDA64 software, it tells me that the laptop has 4 slots in total for RAM... one begin used with a 4GB module, and 3 empty. Is that information correct? I have 3 empty slots for upgrade RAM on E5-571?

    The other thing is... Buying any SO-DIMM module of 4GB at 1600 with 1.5V will work fine? Since in the post you link me there is some disagreement and confusion about it...

    And other thing: The AIDA64 tells me that the total memory supported is 32GB, but to me it seems to be too much for a laptop... And the post linked says that seems to be about 8GB and 16GB, not clear about that subject. So, what is the total memory supported on this laptop? 8GB, 16GB or 36GB?

  • j500
    j500 Member Posts: 12

    Disassemly and Upgrade Ram HDD SSD Drive  Tutorial Video for Acer E5-571


    Disassembly Acer E15 E5-571G/531 Upgrade Ram HDD SSD DVD Clean Fan

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