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Acer Aspire v5 571pg FPs drops on games. Overheating?

Hi, my name is Joseph.
Recently i buyed a laptop (Acer Aspire 571 pg) this laptop is very good for browsing and waching videos, etc... I'm happy that it can handle those things perfectly But i have a big issue when i try to play some games.

For example GTA IV. I start the game normally and after a couple of minutes the game stutters/ drops fps constantly. I mean... It runs well in the first 4-5 minutes, then it starts to run slow for a couple of seconds and then goes back to run normally for another couple of seconds, and then again the game runs slow, and this keeps going and going as long as i play.



HDD: 1tb
O.s: Windows 8.1 [It was originally Windows 8, but i updated the Os for free] (Maybe this was the problem?)
RAM: 8gb
Video [1]: Integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000
Video [2]: Dedicated Nvidia 710m [1gb] ddr3
Processor: Intel i7 3537U 2.0ghz [2.5ghz in turbo]

So i really don't know what to do, this fps drops are really annoying.
I've tried:

-Installing new video drivers [They're up to date]
-Installing new audio drivers [They're up to date too]
-Changing battery settings, doesn't make much difference in balanced mode or high performance
-Low the settings and resolution of the game [This keeps happening even on the lowest settings, it stutters/ it still gives me a fps drop]
-Defrag my hdd [Nothing changes]
-Updated my bios [The problem still persist]
-Turning off vertical sync and other various settings on the Nvidia control panel.

The thing is that i used Nvidia inspector just to check the gpu temperature and i notice that when the temperature reaches 60 to 70 celcius degrees the game starts to run slowly and stutter.

I've this cooler connected to my lap:

I've the same pad just in color black.

But even with that thing connected the temperature still goes up.

Maybe i need a better cooling pad? What should i do to get the fps stable? I hope you can help me, really.

Have a nice weekend

FAQ & Answers

  • If you bought this recently, you must have bought it used.Have you blown it out with a can of air? It could have buildup in the heatsink that won't blow out 

    and/or the thermal paste on the CPU/GPU could be all dried out and not transfering the heat effectively anymore.

    Or it could be that the 710m is not a good video card.


  • MackArronMackArron Posts: 8Member

    Hi Phil, uhm... I really don't know. I buyed the laptop on Amazon and i had to wait an entire month because they had issues with the delivery service.


    The guy told me that the laptop was new and when i got the laptop in my hands it was inside in a brown sealed box with acer's logo on it (Let me put a photo right here...)webcam-toy-foto1.jpg




    I turned on the laptop and instantly it asked my e-mail and some other details to start up normally. So i think it's new.


    Well... Back to the problem i haven't blow it off with compressed air, and i don't know how the state of the thermal paste. I'll leave it tomorrow with a technician to check those things out. I'll be back and tell you if that resolved my problem.



    Ps: I ordered the laptop on October, i have it delivered on my house in november 11.

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