ASPIRE 3820TG Display Driver Update

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From Acer official support site, there isnt any display driver update for the ATI Mobility HD 5650 Display Card since 2011.

This has got to be the laptop with the worst product support i have ever owned.

Display drivers has got to be kept up to date in order to extend the functionality of the laptop for gaming individuals and graphic design professionals alike.


The response from AMD is that we have to use the official Acer driver.

I have tried to install the new updated drivers from AMD anyway but it does not seem to be very compatible.

For instance certain functions requiring the use of the function key will not work anymore.

And some games will not run. AutoCAD 2011 will hang from time to time or lag for no apparent reason.

It will not be possible to switch between the Low performance on-board display card and the high performance display card.

For the above reasons, i have reinstalled the old 2011 driver provided by Acer. This is also the same driver i am using ever since i aquired this laptop in 2011.

However, like this i wont be able to use this laptop for my work or entertainment.


Since Acer is not helping, perhaps a bright individual sharing my same fate can enlighten me on how to fix this issue.

Thank you for reading!