Acer apps always crash and can never be opened.

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I just got my Aspire V touch, so I don't understand why the Acer applications keep crashing when I try to open them. All of my other apps open fine without crashing. (Acer apps ie: Acer Recovery, Acer Quick Access, etc.) Anyyone know why only Acer apps are crashing? I'm trying to make my recovery files.


Also, what is AOP Framework? It always crashes when my laptop is waken up from it's sleep. Can I uninstall it?


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    This could have happened when windows updates were automatically installed on your computer. You have the option to re-install the application from Acer recovery management.


    AOP Framework is the Acer portal could application that can be used to setup your personal cloud service

    Please refer this weblink for more information Acer portal

    If you do not wish to use Acer could you may uninstall it.


    You may use Acer recovery management to create a USB recovery media Create USB recovery media

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