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ive just bought acer z110 phone..it was good..but after 3 weeks of use...the touchscreen always hang...some problems with the touchscreen or software malfunction...

so please help..i love this phone..the desing is very pretty..i like it so much..help me guys..

thank you..


  • conoscenzaconoscenza Posts: 3Member

    I have the same issue...


    While I use Z110, at random time, the smartphone is blocked on "Recent app"


    @slyrussel: Is it the same behaviour?

  • piccardforeverpiccardforever Posts: 1Member

    I have got the same problem. The smartphone is blocked randomly at "recent apps"

  • antonynextantonynext Posts: 1Member

    Also my device has the same problem!! Smiley Sad What should we do?

  • chhewang_hyolmichhewang_hyolmi Posts: 4Member

    me too


  • Xv3rSoXv3rSo Posts: 1Member

    i have the same problem.... the soft touch in middle (home) remein press  and show often the prefer menù of app.... is more annoying , what is the cause? hardware or software? 

  • slyrusselslyrussel Posts: 4Member

    yup..the same problem just like yours..

  • slyrusselslyrussel Posts: 4Member

    i sent back to the shop where i bought it for repair under warranty claim...

  • FlorentFlorent Posts: 1Member

    I have the same problem with my Z110.


    I wonder if disabling the "Recent apps" shortcut ("Home" button) can fix the problem, but I don't know how to do this ...


  • gillou73gillou73 Posts: 1Member

    Same problem

  • conoscenzaconoscenza Posts: 3Member


    say us what acer support will say you about this problem!



  • DudeWithAZ110DudeWithAZ110 Posts: 3Member

    Same problem Smiley Sad Please Acer fix this

  • ahwee321ahwee321 Posts: 1Member
    Already have a solution for this or maybe software patch?
  • conoscenzaconoscenza Posts: 3Member
    My friend sent his smartphone to Italian Acer assistance, where they replaced motherboard!
    After two or three weeks, the problem was born again!
    Acer does not have fix that problem, I think that they aren't able to solve it.
    Anyway if you put a piece of paper between battery and cover the issue should be solve!
    Try and give us a feedback!
  • pakchickpakchick Posts: 2Member

    did AcerCS gave u a solution for that?

  • alzahravialzahravi Posts: 1Member



    I am Facing same problem, but after repair in service center, the problem is solved,

    and engineer say only fix minor problem.





  • DudeWithAZ110DudeWithAZ110 Posts: 3Member

    Did you tested the phone for a few weeks or just a few days ? What problem did they fix ?

  • applesauceapplesauce Posts: 4Member

    Mine is currently at the research and repair centre - I will keep you informed about what they did and if the problem is corrected. I must say that until now they were very helpful.


  • DudeWithAZ110DudeWithAZ110 Posts: 3Member

    I've sent mine back to Acer support. I have the phone back for more than 3 weeks now and it looks like the problem is solved

  • applesauceapplesauce Posts: 4Member

    Hi there,

    Recently I got my phone back from the Acer repair centre. Excerpts from the report:


    repair action: LCD sponges replaced (I was not aware of the fact that we have sponges in our phones..Smiley Happy)

    Software update


    The part number of the replaced item is 47.HBFH7.A01


    Up till now the improvement is spectacular. The fault is completely cured, and there is a very significant improvement in the performance when I open large PDF documents. Before the repair, I would get blank pages in the document that the machine refuses to load. Now all is working perfectly.


    Solution to the screen blocking problem in four steps:


    1. backup your phone (I used superbackup - a free application that works great. Backs up all your apps and everything)

    2. Put it back to factory data settings (If you don't, they will anyway)

    3. remove your SD card with the backup data and your sim card and keep them safe

    4. bring your phone back to where you bought it for repair under warranty

    5. Wait 2 - 3 weeks and get back your great machine - working better than ever


    Who in the world would want an iphone if you can have all this for just 100 euro...???

  • legrospascallegrospascal Posts: 23Member



    good news, I hope it'll be the same for me

  • BaldlygoBaldlygo Posts: 3Member

    I bought this phone just 3 weeks ago after being impressed with seeing a friends. I like it a lot but it is now suffering from this problem - the friends is as well. I bought mine online so sending back would be a pain. I have seen and downloaded the recent update zip but there are no instructions howto install. Also no reply on another thread here. Do Acer have anything to say about the problem and how we should go about getting it fixed?


    I am still using the Z110 - reduced the apps installed - lock and unlock usually clears the fault when it comes up.


  • legrospascallegrospascal Posts: 23Member




    I sent mine to the french support but it is very slow (under repair since 15/03/2013), so be careful if you send it to support service



  • legrospascallegrospascal Posts: 23Member



    impossible to join the french support and impossible to get my phone back, be very very careful with french support


    I just buy a new phone (a huawei), hope this one will be good, acer for me is definitively to be forgotten

  • maarten3560maarten3560 Posts: 2Member


    hello ,

    screen filter works for me , in 2 days no recent app message.

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