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My acer e3 111 touchpad keeps freezing. Notebook 2mths old and have had to system restore twice

My touchpad keeps freezing. I've been forced to system restore twice which is annoying. Not tech savvy what are my options can anyone help

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  • GuruAid-CSGuruAid-CS Posts: 467Member

    You can try updating the TouchPad drivers of your model (if you have not done this already). As of now, the TouchPad driver for only Windows 8.1 is available on Acer website for this model. You can refer to the instructions below if you are using Windows 8.1:
    1. Go to http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/drivers
    2. Type Aspire E3-111 in the box below "Search by Product Model" and click "Search"
    3. Click on your model number from the list that comes up.
    4. Once the details about your model are displayed, select your current operating system appropriately from the drop-down menu besides "Operating System".
    5. Now, go to "Driver" tab, then go to "TouchPad", and then click on "Download" in the same row to download the latest drivers for your TouchPad.


    This may resolve the issue.

  • jescott418jescott418 Posts: 38Member Troubleshooter

    Yes, mine keeps hanging briefly when moving cursor. Tried new driver dated 10/30 and it does the same thing. Think its more about weak hardware then the Touchpad. Noticed too that when installing driver it made mention of not finding Touchpad but still installed a driver?? Really doesn't matter its just more frustraition then its worth. I am returning mine for refund.

    Kicking myself for trying Acer products again. I should not have to restore twice, reinstall drivers and still have this kind of issue on a new PC. I have spent more time trying to fix it then use it!!! 

  • stinkybritchesstinkybritches Posts: 5Member
    I have exactly the same problem on my new e3-111. The touchpad keeps freezing and it's driving me crazy. I've updated ghe drivers, updated the bios and tried a full restore. None of this has helped at all. Any suggestions would be most welcome.
  • wayne2000wayne2000 Posts: 1Member

    I had the same exact issue.  I took the back off my E3 and took out the battery.  Then I pushed around the trackpad front and back.


    I put it back together again and now it works perfect.


    I think the issue is that I put something heavy on the laptop and it comprressed the trackpad or the trackpad cable.  When I took the back off and battery out, it released the pressure and the trackpad was fixed.


    Give it a try!



  • scrambled-sunscrambled-sun Posts: 2Member


    I registered just to thank you. I had the same problem (pointer freezing mid-movement, blood pressure going through the roof xD ) and I didn't have to try all the crazy driver/bios stuff, that surely I would have attempted otherwise, because I went with your suggestion first. It worked like a charm on my new E-111 (E-111-C45G, if that matters). You saved me a lot of frustration and tears and if anybody says you shouldn't reply to old threads, screw 'em, because people will still find these threads when scouring the internet for information on these obscure problems.


    I don't remember having put anything heavy on it, but it was an Amazon Warehouse deal and likely the reason I got it so cheap in the first place.

  • scrambled-sunscrambled-sun Posts: 2Member
    A friend recently sat on the edge of the laptop by accident and causing the problem again, but I could fix it the same way, again.
  • mooticitymooticity Posts: 2Member

    I had previously upgraded the hard drive to an SSD and the RAM to 8 GB. The touchpad hadn't worked properly since.


    Removing the battery and replacing it seems to have done the trick.


    @wayne2000 thanks for the tip!

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